Just when we thought nothing could stop the massive German Guinness Book of World Records offensive unleashed upon an unsuspecting world earlier this week, the German Guinness High Command has made a strategic blunder that has brought their breathtaking blitz to an abrupt and untimely halt. At least for now, that is.

After having broken yet another world record, this time for having an air force with the most broke weenie planes in existence, plans for another world record attempt had to be suddenly dropped. It appears that the Germans next move would have been to airlift some 40,000 Cha Cha dancers into Poland where they would then set a new world record for “defensive” synchronal dancing.

Alternative plans for Polka dancing troupes had to be scuttled, as well. In fact, mass dancing Veranstaltungen (activities) of any kind in just about any other country you can imagine other than that dance school of yours down the street have been ruled out completely as over half of Germany’s Transall military transport planes are unsuitable for long hauls and other military-type stuff.

German Guinness forces are regrouping, however, and continuing to practice their terrifying steps with abandon. Experts believe that it is only a matter of time before the next incursion upon some yet unnamed dance floor will roll out.

Are they saving the last dance for us? Wake up you fools.

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