Talk about Revelations, ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder seems to be born-again (boring-again?) and has written a new book that’s just bursting with juicy gossip about his time on the top and his talks with George W. Bush. His critical handling of the American President has already guaranteed him pre-orders of somewhere in the order of three bazillion. And that’s just in Germany alone.

Not satisfied with this response, however, the ex-once-a-politician-always-a-politician has unveiled even more ambitious plans. Once the big sales are in, he hopes to also have “The Book”, as he calls it, distributed “in the human traffic lanes and streams of everyday life” (hotel rooms, beer gardens, liquor stores, Starbucks etc.) and through this get the gospel out there to the highest number of followers possible.

This intellectual masterpiece is filled with telling observations about his troubled relationship with the American President. Bush’s religious talk caused Schröder’s hair to stand on end, for instance. Literally, I mean. And boils and welts appeared on his skin and he started frothing about the mouth and had this strange sensation that something reptilian was trying to break free from inside of his stomach cavity. You know, those same kind of sensations most Germans get whenever they come too close to a church.

Schröder writes: “Anyone who tries to legitimize political decisions that way (in dialogue with God) simply cannot allow these decisions to be changed through criticism or an exchange of ideas.”

How right he is. No wonder his encounters with someone like Bush made his skin crawl. Imagine making decisions that cannot be changed again later once someone starts criticizing them? That’s unthinkable. Well it is here.

So don’t waste your time and try and pre-order “The Book” now, you hesitated too long and the first batch is all sold out. But don’t worry, just be a little patient and you’ll probably be able to leaf through it in your hotel room during your next business trip.

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