The story surrounding the missing three year old Caylee Anthony gets more confusing by the minute. I know that the convoluted and knotted tale will eventually unfold. And I for one am still willing to bet a buck that Casey knows way more than she is fessing up to.

While the Anthony family are putting up a solid wall of silence and stupidity, there are aspects that can be deduced from what they do and don’t, do and say.

Few people work for free, so lets examine the possible motives and reasons why these seemingly unconnected people have a connection.

Lets start with Geraldo Rivera, he is a well known, though slightly soiled TV figure. Could this case be his big come back? After all Fox News seem to be the only folks that have been inside Leonard Padilla’s ‘High Tech’ RV that is parked outside the senior Anthony’s house. Oh, and apparently Padilla’s idea of high tech is a Taser (standard Dog Chapman stuff), a Laptop computer, and a printer! This is not high tech in my opinion. Geraldo himself has a pretty checkered background, he oscillates from popular to unknown faster than a Motel 6 vibrating bed. He went from hot to zero with an Iraq story that threatened troop safety.

Geraldo didn’t want to sling burgers at the local fast food outlet so he reinvented himself on Fox.

It is interesting that Fox News seem to have dropped the Caylee story like a hot brick, my cynical nature screams, exclusive! I mentioned in an earlier article that Padilla had to have an angle, but I could not see National Geographic being the likely customer. Bounty Hunters work for money, not largess. Right now he, and his money men have $500k wrapped up in the bond to spring Casey, plus they their ‘High Tech’ RV and who knows how many people all ensconced in Florida. This costs money. I’ll bet the Starbucks bill alone would make us mere mortals weep. If Padilla was to score a marketing deal with a perfume manufacturer I have no doubt that they would call it ‘Sleaze.’

That brings us to Jose Baez. Who is he? What can he bring to the table? When it comes to law suits Jose seems to like the ‘bottom feeding’ fish. His resume is splendid. A short excerpt reveals all:

Baez represented Kissimmee Mayor George Gant at trial in 2007.

Gant got booted from office and was forced to resign as a doctor when two patients accused him of touching them in a sexual way during gynecology exams.

The prosecution’s main witness refused to testify against Gant and the former mayor was cleared of sex charges.

One has to wonder why the main witness refused to testify?

I would say something acerbic about Casey, but it has all been said before. Her and her family represent all that is wrong with todays society. At best, she is the worlds worst mother, who else would wait a month to report that her then 2 year old daughter was missing? My wife would report me missing if I went to the bar for a couple of hours!

Her actions since being bailed out by Padilla are telling. She wanted a hot shower and a Pizza. My wife summed it up nicely, “If it was my child I would not being calling Dominoes, and it would not matter about the hot shower, I’d be searching for my child”.

My take on this nonsense is that someone is set to make money at the cost of a young life.

If indeed it is Fox that is bankrolling this story, they need to really rethink their news policy.

Maybe Casey did not kill her young daughter Caylee, but she is certainly still guilty of extreme stupidity. I have yet to hear Casey say that she would be willing to take a polygraph.

Simon Barrett

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