For all the talks of alternative energy, they all seem to have a problem.

A lot of things that are green are too expensive for the third world.

Hybrid cars not only cost more, and can’t be fixed locally, but they use electricity from power plants that are not “Green”, and not only do they endanger EMT’s if you get in an accident, but there is a question about what to do with the used batteries.

Windmills kill birds and are too noisy for Teddy Kennedy to want them in his back yard. And would they fall over in the estimated eight typhoons we have every year?
Dams destroy tiny fishies that no one knew existed until someone wanted to stop a dam and decided the fish were an endangered species.

We get electricity from hydroelectric plants here in the Philippines. But at the end of the dry season, it gets hot so everyone runs their airconditioner when the water and electricity level is low…

So now, the new energy source is geothermal. You know, drill a hole until it reaches a hot area and viola, instant steam.

Of course, if you do it wrong, it will boil over and explode like a pressure cooker or your spaghetti pot when your back is turned.

And of course, the steam might have radon and other trace radioactive stuff inside, but for places like the Philippines and Indonesia, where volcanos are a dime a dozen, it might be a way to get cheap energy without the danger of a nuclear meltdown or destroying the rainforest by planting palm trees…

Iceland has been doing it for years. Wonder why it never caught on here…

Insert big evil business conspiracy theory here….hint: the Bataan Nuclear plant


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind CLinic and Fishmarket

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