David Schussler

Georgia and South Ossetia have been suffering through statehood and independence for decades. Many times since the early 1900’s when the people of that area lived in predominantly peaceful co-existence, Russia, USSR, or some form of Soviet government has attempted to take control of the region.

The region is a rough not very friendly habitation that many from Russia had migrated to toward seeking some autonomy from totalitarian oppression. The ethnic Ossetians still represent the majority of the population with many of its other inhabitants today retaining Russian citizenship. Since the early 1920’s there have been many inter marriages and much of the population is mixed.

Attempts have been made many times to create an autonomous government for South Ossetia but all attempts have been thwarted at some point by the sovereign Georgian government.

The Russian government today has invaded this territory with claims that the Georgian government is attempting ethnic cleansing of the Russian inhabitants. In actuality, Russia is once again attempting to enlarge its influence in the world by taking over another nation and claiming its treasure and people.

The conflicts between the Ossetians and Georgians can be resolved diplomatically and without loss of life, but the Russian involvement already is causing distressing loss and international pressures as well.

The world does not need another horrific conflict. There are innocent people all over the world being slaughtered as a result of a few radical leaders who intimidate their citizens or following with lies and deceit. The history of the world is littered with death caused by few. A little wisdom and compassion could go a long way toward solving all of the world’s problems. Let’s put our leader’s feet to the fire. The problems in Georgia and South Ossetia seem far away from most of us but the people of the region are just like us with the same dreams and desires for peace and happiness. Just as in Darfur, Tibet, and many regions of Africa and the Mideast, this conflict must not be ignored or misinterpreted as the inhabitants are slaughtered by the Russians.

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