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“Rule 1. You must be a fan.”
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Title: Georgia Rule

In a summer of blockbuster trilogies and over the top effects Georgia Rule goes the route of romantic drama with a flash of comedy. At the end of the day it is simply a story and like most films in this genre that tale includes three generations of dysfunctional women; each trying to get past the hate and hurt enough to find themselves in each other. It’s ok guys, you can stop reading now. I will not be offended. Though I must say, I sort of liked it.
But I am a fan and there is no doubt you have to truly be a fan of these sort of movies to endure 113 minutes of dramatic dialogue delivered in, often times, sub par acting. Plus there is nothing original or ground breaking. Lilly (Felicity Huffman) is forcing her “out of control” daughter Rachel (Lindsay Lohan) to stay with her estranged grandmother Georgia (Jane Fonda) in a small Idaho town for the summer. It is a far cry from San Francisco and Rachel does everything possible to stir up its inhabitants. Of course all of this is a cry for the attention her mother never gave her because HER mother never gave it to her. Georgia lives her life by rules and governs others the same way. Sing along if you know the words.
It is directed by Garry Marshall (Beaches, Pretty Woman, Princess Dairies) and he adds his signature look and feel to this one. I loved the small town characters and the Midwestern texture. It makes me want to read the book (if there is one) or peek back in their lives from time to time to see what they are up to. Granted it is nothing special, but I like the simplicity of the life conveyed. Real people with real problems.
Jane Fonda is the strongest force in this film and again shows how she is a solid actress in any role she plays. She delivers the Georgia rule with conviction and simplicity saving scenes from possible over the top destruction. Lohan too, though still green in some areas, plays the California sex kitten with conviction. And let it be clear that this is not the Nickelodean-Herbie the Love Bug, Lohan you may be used to. So take the R Rating seriously with your teens in mind.
Rated R for sexual content and some language it is a young adult movie. The themes and issues dealt with, though concerning adolescence is not for younger viewers. To be fair, it is not as heavy a movie as some in the past. There are comic relief moments, mainly involving the innocent small town hunk (Garrett Hedlund), that break the drama up enough to make the weight bearable. I give Georgia Rule 3.5 out of 5 bars of soap, but only if you are a fan of these movies. That is rule 1.
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