An 11-year-old Georgia girl claims that an 8-year-old and two 9-year-old boys kidnapped and raped her, and the boys have been criminally charged. The most recent CNN story is Child-on-child rape case stuns small Georgia town. To watch the video of the girl describe the alleged attack, click here.

On one level, the girl sounds credible during the interview. On the other hand, several things seem very strange:

1) Though it’s barely detectible in the news reports, the alleged rape victim was not alone with the three boys–she was also with a friend of hers. So for the charge to be true, the three younger boys would have had to completely overpower two girls, one and probably both of whom are older.

2) The boy “rapist” was nine, his alleged victim was 11. In the video, the girl looks pretty big. (Note that in the picture above, she is standing to the right of her mother, and both of them are near the car. She’s almost as tall as the reporter who is interviewing her.)

The boy’s father says she is far bigger than his son. Could a boy rape a girl who is apparently much bigger than him? The father of the alleged rapist also claims that his son has a broken wrist.

3) Is an eight-or nine-year-old boy even physically capable of sex or rape?

There’s another problem with this case. I read this article and watched the videotape and almost fell off my chair. In the story, one of the boys’ fathers said that if there was sex between his son and the girl, it was consensual.

When asked for a response, incredibly, Police Chief Michael Wilkie of Acworth told CNN that because children that young cannot legally consent to sex, “we have to go with the charges we have”–in other words, the rape charges. So let’s say that the 11 year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy did have consensual sex. Because children cannot legally consent to sex, that means that the girl has been raped and the boy is a rapist? Even though they’re both children? Even though the girl is considerably older than the boy?

The full story with Wilkie’s quote is Three boys, 8 and 9, charged with raping 11-year-old girl. The video link, which has more information, is here., Glenn Sacks

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