Last month Notre Dame University announced it was awarding an honorary doctoral degree to President Obama. Last week, Obama visited another Catholic university at Georgetown and insisted on covering Catholic images considered politically incorrect. This week, Georgetown University intends to honor the Vice-President with an award that commemorates the 15th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. Another Catholic institution, honoring morally erroneous pseudo- Catholics like Joseph Biden is unacceptable.
The Vice-Presidents position on the ProChoice topic is already well known. He is clearly against the correct teachings of the Catholic Church on the issue, yet he continues to attend Mass and receive Eucharist in defiance to Catholic moral and ethical teachings. Adding further insult to the injury, Georgetown University is recognizing his preeminence in the area of advocacy against violence against females. It clearly seems that the biggest contradiction in the campaign of violence against women is the Prochoice Vice President, an advocate of both artificial methods of birth control, and the ultimate violence against a woman and her unborn child…abortion!
The irony might not be quite appreciated by the academic cognoscenti at Georgetown, simply because they don’t understand the Catholic educational contradictions they support and promote with such an award. Georgetown University is honoring the Vice-President for his reported support of anti violence against women legislation while he advocates and promotes abortion. There is clearly a disconnect here from the correct Catholic moral and ethical principles.
Catholic educational facilities such as Georgetown and Notre Dame have not only alienated themselves from authentic Catholic educational norms and principles, they have abrogated the right to be called, “Catholic” as part of their titles. The presentation of the Legal Momentum Heroes Award to Vice President Biden provides another failed opportunity for a Catholic University to proclaim and profess its adherence to the Magisterium, while promoting a secular culture of death and disregard for the sanctity of all human life.
Faithful Catholics should make their disapproval known to all of the supposed Catholic educational facilities that promote activities and lifestyles contrary to authentic Catholic principles. Georgetown University should especially make note of the secular path it has chosen to follow, while diminishing the Catholic Gospel message in its educational applications. Catholic educational institutions have the responsibility to either remain Catholic in their curriculum or stop pretending fidelity to Catholic teachings once and for all.
Vice-President Biden’s acceptance of any award from a Catholic University is a clear illustration of the deepening political entanglements that continue to compromise American Catholic educational facilities in the United States. American Catholics need to demand a stop to this trend of secular assimilation by our educational facilities before they are indeed, Catholic in name only!

Hugh J.McNichol is a Catholic author and journalist that writes on uniquely Catholic topics and issues. He attended Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, where he studied both philosophy and theology. He writes frequently at & . Hugh writes about his Irish Catholic upbringing and educational experiences at . He has contributed works to Catholic News Agency, Catholic Online, The Irish Catholic, Dublin, the British Broadcasting Company, London and the Philadelphia Bulletin,, Blogger News Network & The Catholic Business Journal.

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