By David Schussler

In a speech given at Georgetown University Friday, former governor of New York, George Pataki once again demonstrated why he is the longest standing governor of any state in the history of governorships.

In a display of common sense and understanding of today’s critical issues, Pataki voiced his opinion of our current administration’s policy with regard to troop increases in Iraq to rectify failed military transpirations.

Not one prone to congressional type wussiness, Pataki stated that he is opposed to increased troop levels without certain commitments on the part of the Malachi led Iraqi parliament and he is exactly correct.

The former governor stated that the US government should insist that the Iraqis should immediately legislate to allow for fair distribution of oil revenues to all areas of the country, provide legislation that recognizes and accepts all political elements of the nation to hold political and civilian positions, and all sectarian militias should be immediately disarmed. This should quell most civil strife, and in doing so, would make the situation safer for American military personnel. He feels that the current leadership in Iraq has been negligent in showing the world that they are truly striving for parity and fairness with their administration of government in their fledgling struggle. He feels that it is unclear whether or not this government is earnest in their political desires for a true democracy so why should we risk more lives in a struggle to protect Baghdad when they remain so uncommitted. The Iraqi governments feet must be put to the fire and demands from the US government must be met before we commit more lives to the battle.

Pataki is unrelenting in his fight against terrorism and he feels that the continuing battle against radical terrorist haters of the United States must be continued in Iraq. He rightly states that if Iraq falls to terrorists, we are in danger here at home. Iraq could and would become a haven for the training and spawning of terrorist cells that would be capable of another attack on the US. The battle against terrorists in Iraq and every other part of the world must be continued regardless of whether or not civil war ensues. These terrorists have stated their hatred, contempt, and desire for death, for Americans so that makes it a responsibility for us to protect our nation by seeking out and killing those who wish to kill us.

Governor Pataki knows first hand the results of terrorist attacks and dealt expeditiously and successfully with the 9/11 tragedy. His ability to bring together all aspects of government in that time of need to deal with the dilemma is historical and should be a template for any type of disaster that may follow. Pataki’s ability to share common sense has led New York through a prosperous reform that reverberates across the country. As a conservative Republican in a liberal atmosphere, George Pataki has been able to bring people together to accomplish many good things, that is what got him re-elected so many times, and that is what our country needs for leadership. Coming from humble farm beginnings and with common sense, George Pataki has proven his ability to govern well and continues to prove his ability to understand and solve our problems. As a new voice unafraid to speak out intelligently on issues that seem to confound most of our elected officials, in this man’s opinion, George Pataki would be a refreshing change and courageous leader as president of these United States.





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