US President George Bush has joined his top diplomat in suggesting that the growing prosperity of India’s large middle class is contributing to rising food prices around the world

He said “So, for example, just as an interesting thought for you, there are 350 million people in India who are classified as middle class. That’s bigger than America. Their middle class is larger than our entire population.”

What about the oil shortage? Who consumes more oil, 350 million of Indian middle class or 300 millions of American?  I say that the world is facing shortage of oil because All Americans eats up huge amount of petroleum products. The same happens to be the reason for the rise of petro-prices.

What should the Indian middle class do? Should he give up the prosperity and return back to the fold of backward nations? Or should he look for statistics to find out how much food the prospering Indian Middle class gulp down in the form of Pepsis, Coca Colas  Mac Donalds.

These Indians drink, on average, nine servings of Coke products per year. Has George Bush forgotten that few years back there was an agitation in India in which it was alleged that the 68 Cola plants in India has caused a water shortage in many parts of India? In Varanasi, alone, Coke draws an estimated 158,503 gallons a day. In fact the Colas have a market of 300 millions of middle class Indian, incidentally equivalent to US population

And what about the expenditure of these middle class Indians who help US economy by buying Levis ,Reebock ,Adidas to name a few.

Indians have right to grow their food and give preference to their own country men instead of selling to countries busy in selling  nuclear arsenals ,oil and other things.

About the Author: Nisaar Yusuf is a trainer in communication skills and is a keen observer of issues that matter to us and he can be contacted at

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