Just like good chess players, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles had to have known their opponents moves well ahead of their own. After releasing an incredibly damaging video last week which revealed extreme corruption in ACORN (not exactly shocking to anyone who has been following their maneuvering), ACORN representatives immediately went into smoke-screen mode, claiming it was a Fox News financed set-up (not that this responds to the behavior of their employees) and that the filmmakers had been turned away at numerous other offices. They claimed the story was not being told accurately, as it did not mention all of the offices which turned the filmmakers away.

First and foremost, if I am the CEO of an organization which has hundreds of satellite offices and one of those offices is revealed to be operating in a grossly criminal manner, the last defense I would ever introduce to the media would be the “my other offices aren’t doing this” defense. That, in itself, screams out incompetence at the highest level of the organization. Secondly, I believe any successful CEO would clean up his organization and take steps to thank the filmmakers for pointing out the corruption taking place in the organization. Instead ACORN has taken steps to file a lawsuit against the filmmakers, showing just how pompously crooked they are as an organization.

Nonetheless, Mr O’Keefe and Ms. Giles knew that the cronies would make this move, and to completely discredit the “isolated incident” theory, they had other videos at different locations in the U.S., which show ACORN workers providing the same assistance to a pimp and prostitute who want ACORN assistance with obtaining a loan for a home to run their prostitution business, complete with underage girls from El Salvador.

So, ACORN, two questions for you. How is the “isolated incident” theory working out for you now that three separate videos have been released? Also, how many other examples do you think Mr. O’Keefe and Ms. Giles have, yet to be released, should you continue with this disgusting attempt to make ACORN sound like the victim?

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