Neoconservatives like General Petraeus continue to insist with enough charts, graphs and military semantics victory in Iraq is just a couple years away.

The General shares the same mindset that kept us in Vietnam for years after rational individuals concluded the cause should not have been ours to begin with and was lost the day it began. The administration went to great lengths attempting to convince folks the General does his own thinking and spoke his own words. General Custer I am sure could have made the same claim about his views on resolving little big horn. 

Iraq is a country in the middle of a civil war and the only positive influence we can have at this point is to broker a partition of land and resources and get the hell out. Diplomacy remains our only effective weapon. Iran and Syria are enemies of choice not geography, The neoconservative like the radical Islamist will fight to the last drop of another’s blood in defense of the rightness of an ideal. 

A democracy must on occasion wage war, when directly attacked, to protect and defend vital national interest or in satisfaction of treaty obligations with other democracies. We lose every time we color outside the lines on that point.

The neoconservatives wage war in an attempt to impose their cracker ass ideological views and proselytize with fervent evangelical zeal the heretical belief that sacrificing others children somehow promotes, defends or strengthens our own democracy.

They may have manipulated enough fact to fool and beguile most of the people when they started the war, and pretty as the charts were and stoic as the testimony sounded, The Generals report was little more then wistful observation and victories of the imagination.

The Times offers indepth coverage on the surge report

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