According to a recently published report a type of gene testing could help to determine certain information about mesothelioma patients. The results of a study were recently published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, with officials claiming that this certain type of gene testing could determine a couple of important factors.

The gene testing that is at the centre of the study involves looking at the ratios of four genes. Researchers involved in the study have claimed that this type of testing can help to predict the survival odds for mesothelioma patients, enabling medics to work out which patients have the best chances of survival.

Another thing that this type of gene testing can apparently help with is to help determine which mesothelioma patients are likely to make the best candidates for surgery. This could help in the treatment of patients that have this form of cancer, which is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat.

The report stated: “Patients whose gene ratio test results predict a good prognosis after surgery may more confidently select the treatment option that includes surgery. Patients assigned to the predicted poor outcome group…could be counseled to forgo surgery, which would not benefit them, and to seek best supportive care.”

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