I never knew much about Kiss’ Gene Simmons, 58, until one day while looking for something to watch on TV I ran across “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. It is considered a U.S. reality show that he shares with his longtime companion, Shannon Tweed, a former Playboy playmate and actress, and the couple’s two children Nick and Sophie.

I had heard of Gene Simmons but to be honest with you I was not a fan. I am a bit past the excitement age where a man with a long tongue that spits out blood on stage turns me on. I have to admit though after watching their reality show I have gained a new respect for the man.

I have always been a fan of Shannon Tweed as an actress. In fact I never realized until watching this show that she and Gene Simmons were together. My husband and I both enjoy watching their show because it in entertaining. In fact in one of the episodes their son Nick, stated that he is the only teenage male that he knows of that thinks it is cool to hang out with his parents, which in my opinion says a lot about Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed as parents. Being a mother of two sons myself, I have to admit I was kind of envious of that statement. Gene Simmons’s famous quote about him and Shannon is “We’ve been happily unmarried for 23 years now.” With that said his son Nick comes behind him and is quoted as saying, “You call it happily unmarried, Mom calls it waiting.”

In one episode this season Shannon challenged Gene into a lie detector test to find out if after his claims of being with over 4000 women, had he indeed been faithful to her all these years. The results were hilarious when they aired the test being taken over the radio.

His book is about workers who like to party on a different sort of night shift. “Let’s call it what it is. The poetic phrase is ‘the oldest profession in the world,” Simmons told Harry Smith on the Early Show. “So it takes a historical point of view from the brothels of Rome to the geishas of Japan.”

Simmons talks about this profession in his book but says their personal perspective doesn’t mean he was ever a customer. “My problem with that is they expect me to pay them. They’re supposed to pay me,” he said jokingly. “Not going to happen. Seriously, it’s a book that I wanted the style to match the content. It is gold trimmed. It’s a beautiful piece. Put it on your coffee table and let the guests in your house find the delicious subject by which to spend an evening talking about.”

The book was released Monday by Phoenix Books. In the opening chapter, Simmons advises readers that his work is not about the dark side of prostitution which he says does exist. He had another point to make here. “I want people to engage in the dialogue because this is something everyone knows exists, but in this Puritanical culture that we live in, the remnants of which we are today, we have terrific family values and that’s great, other subject matters are sort of under the rug, “Simmons said.

Simmons and his Kiss band members kicked off their 35th Anniversary Tour in Australia in March this year. “And they said it wouldn’t last. I got your wouldn’t right here.” Simmons said.

The band is on a break now while Simmons is filming their 4th season of his reality series, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” which airs on TV’s A&E channel.

You can get your copy of this book at Amazon.

Jan Barrett

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