NBC, the network that gave us the fake “exploding gas tanks” and placed fake Muslims at NASCAR to “prove” that RedState America’s Islamophobia is at it again.

This time, the smear was to be of hackers and their FBI undercover contacts meeting at the DefCon Convention.

According to George Ou of ZDnet:

Madigan was apparently trying to do a shock piece for NBC Dateline to show middle America how criminal underground hackers had descended on DEFCON Las Vegas to learn tricks of the trade and how Federal Agents were tracking them down.  When a DEFCON staffer spoke to Madigan posing as regular attendee, Madigan commented that people in Kansas (reference to middle America) would be very interested in what was “really” going on in DEFCON.  DEFCON official “Priest” also had reason to believe that that Madigan was planning to out uncover federal agents attending DEFCON and expressed some serious concern about the safety and privacy of those agents….

She wanted to paint a picture that would shock “people in Kansas” about DEFCON and that’s not what DEFCON is about.  The Feds, Press, and hacker community have built up a level of mutual trust at DEFCON so that we have a place to talk openly and honestly.

Well, why not? After all, the NYTimes “exposed” how the US monitored bank transfers and emails, alerting terrorists who now use other methods to launder money.

And here was a chance to “out” the feds and even to catch a hacker “confessing” to a felony such as placing pornography as a joke on government websites. So why not cherry pick and paste “facts” from the convention to shock “people in Kansas” and garner ratings?

After all, it’s a lot safer than informing the American people real news stories about internet threats, such as about the real dangers of malicious internet hacking from China, or how terrorists manipulate photos and videos that the press obligingly publishes, or even how Russia took down the Estonian internet last year.
Ironically, the NBC producerette Madigan was offered press credentials at least four times, twice before and twice during the convention, but declined them in order to film with her hidden camera.

She finally fled after the hackers started a “spot the undercover reporter” contest, and the winning photograph was about to be place on the overhead monitor… the hackers got her on tape fleeing the scene. LINK. followed by geeks with camera phones asking her “do you have any comments” and “Don’t run, I just want to ask you some questions” and “have you ever been on 60 minutes?”

No, but she is now on YouTube, and NBC Dateline has a third “fake news” scandal blow up in their face.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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