I was bemused when a minor lambast against “pacifists” trying to start a war against Israel led to this comment:

“…the Israelis steadfastly refuse to publish a list of allowed goods and appear to change their minds daily on what is allowed. Eg. Hair conditioner is banned at the moment…”

Oh my, no wonder the people in Gaza are rioting: They are having a bad hair day, and it’s all Israel’s fault.

Or maybe it’s Hamas’ fault: In their zeal to impose strict “Islamic law”, they are shutting down hairdressing shops run by men.

The English Language version of the story at the SanFrancisco Sentinel notes:

“Next thing you know, they will ban doctors from treating women, and will only let women treat women,” said Barakat al- Ghoul, a 44-year-old hairdresser. “Tomorrow, they will ban everything.”

Al-Ghoul, who has cut women’s hair for 26 years, said a ban would be devastating. He said he has no other way of making a living….

It’s not just a ban on hairdressers, it’s a ban on ordinary human pleasure.

Fares said Hamas’ new ruling takes away one of the last remnants of a more liberal lifestyle in Gaza that flourished decades ago, when the territory had cinemas and bars.

And what if you don’t comply? They look the other way when you are bombed by radical religious zealots:

Since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, small ultra-radical Islamic groups have sprung up. Known as Jihadi Salafis, they advocate holy war and a strict, fundamentalist brand of Islam, dismissing Hamas as too pragmatic. They are suspected in dozens of bombings of Internet cafes, music stores and other alleged purveyors of vice. All cinemas and bars closed years ago.

Fares said a small pipe bomb was recently set off outside a male hairdresser’s shop, as a warning for him to stop working. Hamas is moving gradually to impose Islamic customs. In the summer, the Islamic group promoted a “virtue campaign,” urging women to cover up and sending out beach patrols to enforce modest attire.

All of this is just part of the story of hatred of women and gays that is ignored by the “activists”.

The reason I say “gays” is that we Pinoys know it is an open secret that despite a ban on gays working in many Middle Eastern countries, many of our gays work in the Middle East as hairdressers or other jobs, and are in constant danger of deportation or worse if they are discovered.

For example, 72 men at a crossdressing party in Saudi Arabia were raided by the religious police in Saudi and deported last year. And if “sex and the city 2” thinks they are radical chic for going to one of the liberal Gulf states for vacation, they should try being a gay man in drag in Saudi or Iran.

All of this brings up a point.

Hairtonic is being banned from Gaza because it can be used as a Molotov cocktail to kill civilians in buses, planes, or restaurants in Israel (or to bomb those hairdressing parlors in Gaza).

The real outrage is that the press and “human rights advocates” are ignoring the real story: that Hamas is instigating a jihad against gays and women, and against ordinary human pleasures that make life pleasant.

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