Kerem Shalom, the site of a little used border crossing between Gaza and Israel, has been reopened in an effort to stave off starvation among the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, said Colonel Nir Press, who runs frontier posts on the Israeli side.

However, in the fashion of savages and extremists throughout history, Hamas responded to humanitarian aid by planting a bomb at the site overnight. And people wonder why Israel doesn’t want to deal with the Islamists.

“You open Kerem Shalom for the people and what do they send us? They send us bombs,” Press said at the crossing on Wednesday — shortly after mortars also hit close to his own office.

Approximately 175 truck loads are required each day to keep Gaza afloat, but UN relief spokesman, Christopher Gunness, said only about half the required supplies are getting through.

Gunness wants the crossing at Kari reopened, but the massive facility represents a great security risk and target.

“We’re very pleased with the initiative that the [Israeli] army have shown,” said Gunness, referring to some of the more creative methods used to get food and supplies into Gaza. Some of those methods include tank-guarded convoys that drop off supplies in fenced off areas for Palestinians to retrieve once the Israelis withdraw, and piling wheat on a cross-border conveyer belt intended for shipping gravel.

“Everyone is doing their best to get things through,” WFP spokeswoman Kirstie Campbell said. “It’s like a band-aid. We hope to create some space to work for a long-term solution.”

One might wonder why the so-called Zionist pig Israelis insist on putting themselves in harm’s way to feed the Palestinian people who elected Hamas, a group chartered to destroy Israel. The answer can be found in the words of Colonel Press: “We’re really trying to help the people in Gaza.”

I’m not holding my breath for a heartfelt “thank you” from residents of Gaza, but I hope they’ll refrain from continued attacks on the folks who are trying to feed them.

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