More proof that our schools are failing our students.

Santa Cruz schools rethink blood drives after gay student barred

A gay student prevented from donating blood because of his sexual history has stirred debate among Santa Cruz school officials over whether to continue hosting campus blood drives.

“I was turned away because of my sexual contacts,” Childers said. “The reasoning behind me not being able to give blood is ridiculous. … It made me feel like an outcast.”

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, a man who has had a sexual encounter with another man since 1977 is ineligible to donate.

Santa Cruz city schools officials said they were reconsidering whether to have blood drives on campus if students were required to divulge information about their sexual activities.

AIDS is plenty enough reason to prevent gays, the single most at risk segment of society, from donating blood to a blood bank. A policy to keep AIDS out from our blood supply is sensible and far from “bigotry”.

Here is the stupidity from a school official to explain their decision:

“As the blood supply has become so politicized over time we need to check our policies,” Santa Cruz City Schools Trustee Cynthia Hawthorne said.

If the issue is being “politicized” it would be by you and gay activists putting us all at risk over your social activism, Mz. Hawthorne.

It is logical and proper to stop gays from introducing AIDS into our blood supply and putting each of us at risk. But, in San Francisco, the activism for gay “rights” is far more important than the safety of our blood supplies.

But, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone, should it?

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