Gas prices have begun slowly creeping up in some parts of the country, but reports now say that they may come back down once the Democratic-controlled Congress takes over. According to the report on, corn-based fuel expected next year should increase supply causing a decrease in gas prices.

Some areas, like California, saw another drop this week in gas prices. Gas production there this week was 2.5 percent higher than last week with 1.02 million barrels a day. And, with gas prices at their lowest in a year, car sales are increasing. Sport utility vehicles are now the most demanded while sales for hybrid vehicles have dropped.

One theory behind the stabilization and slight climb in gas prices is politics. According to reports, 42 percent of Americans think President George W. Bush’s administration was behind the sudden drop in prices to garner support for Republicans in the Nov. 7 general election. However, those in the oil industry disagree. They say gas prices increased last spring because prices for crude oil jumped due to tensions in Iran. Now that winter has arrived, prices could increase because of the cold weather.

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