Court was in Session Today for the Gary Zerola Rape Trial 

Who is Gary Zerola? What are the various charges?

What does his attorney say? What does the District Attorney say?

What does the accuser say? What facts won’t the jury hear?

What decision would you render if you were on the jury?

The Gary Zerola rape trial is no game, certainly not to the accused or accuser.

But in one way, the trial might be likened to a ballgame.

You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

So here’s your DBKP Gary Zerola Rape Trial Scorecard.



Gary Zerola, 36, former People Magazine 2001 “Most Eligible Bachelor” list, attorney and assistant prosecutor, and was once under consideration for TV’s “The Bachelor”.
Zerola’s good looks and work with foster children were big pluses with the ladies.

Zerola, who is temporarily suspended from practicing law – or as his Web site words it, “not currently accepting new clients or practicing law” – faces a state Board of Bar Overseers disciplinary hearing before Supreme Judicial Court Justice John M. Greaney.


On trial for the first of two separate sets of charges in Suffolk Superior Court on charges he charmed, then raped two 19-year-old women in Boston in 2004 and 2006.

Zerola is accused of attempted rape and kidnapping in the Aug. 18, 2006, incident, when the girl in question was 19.

Zerola faces another, separate trial in the 2004 rape of another 19-year-old woman. He also faces additional charges in Florida, where he is accused of raping an 18-year-old woman at a Miami Beach hotel in October.

Zerola, who is free on bail, has pleaded not guilty to rape, assault to rape, kidnapping, assault and battery, witness intimidation and two counts of providing alcohol to a minor.

What do Zerola and his attorney say? What does the accuser say?

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Gary Zerola Rape Trial: Scorecard 


Gary Zerola Rape Trial: Scorecard 

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