A Look at How an Adoring Media–And one Very Upset Girl–Saw Gary Zerola during the Last Seven Years
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”To be honest, I was shocked to see the preppy style coming back, but I’m into it. I wear the clothes, but I put my own spin on it. I think my look is more urban, less country club.”

–Gary Zerola, accused teen rapist in the Boston Globe story, “Pink and Green and Worn all Over: The return of the preppy look”

Former ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ and attorney Gary Zerola’s trial for rape starts tomorrow.

A look at Gary Zerola: how others saw him in the media, before his sensationalized first arrest for rape, and his subsequent arrest on additional teen rape charges after being released on bail.

We’ll begin with this story 2 1/2 years ago in the Boston Globe, which described Gary Zerola thus:

“Gary Zerola, 34, an attorney and self-proclaimed fashion zealot from Boston, said he reads Italian fashion magazines to bone up on the latest trends. From the August 18, 2005 Boston Globe story on fashion styles.

Considerably different than the tagline now seen accompanying any news of the Boston attorney. The ever-present new tagline would read something like:

“Ex-Most Eligible Bachelor, attorney, fugitive from justice
and accused multiple teen rapist”

Zerola certainly had his fans–and not all were teen-age females.

Shortly after his first charges were made against the Boston attorney and the news appeared in the papers, someone wrote the following to the editor of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly with the heading of “Gary Zerola Deserves Better”.

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Gary Zerola: Former “Eligible Bachelor” Rape Trial Starts Tomorrow 


Gary Zerola: Former “Eligible Bachelor” Rape Trial Starts Tomorrow

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