According to a press release, Gartner Inc. has revealed the names of ‘cool vendors’ that are driving innovation in outsourcing. This is despite the fact that the economic downturn since 2008 stemming from the credit crisis has had a heavy toll on the global outsourcing scene.

Analysts from Gartner have highlighted vendors in diverse areas of the industry. There are 55 vendors showcased and they have all come up with innovative products or services linked to their data, business process, security, risk management, software infrastructure, outsourcing, applications consulting, telecom operations management, and green IT.

As far as IT outsourcing in India, a top offshoring destination is concerned, website development companies, ecoommerce design companies and top mobile application development companies have been active in the drive to expand operations both domestically and overseas.

The Gartner ‘cool vendor’ profile includes pioneering service providers that were able to modify competition dynamics during the recession phase. They emanate from industries like energy, utilities, consumer goods, automotive, life sciences, healthcare, retail and media.

Cool Vendors are defined by Gartner as small companies offering technology that is innovative in the sense that it allows consumers to do things they could not do before, impactful in that in makes business impact, and intriguing in that it has caught Gartner’s eye or curiosity.

Daryl Plummer, managing vice president and Gartner Fellow said, “Increasingly, it is not the economic factors that drive the innovation of the ‘cool’ vendor. Instead, we are seeing a marked shift in the fundamental workings of relationships, people, and their use of technology that are changing in the 21st century,” reported Media

Michele Cantara, research vice president at Gartner said in a statement, “The smart investor or technology user will seek out companies that drive the support of this change.” Adding, “No longer can we spend time looking only at enterprise needs, nor can we limit our efforts to product purchases as opposed to services. The future of the Cool Vendor is the same as the future of business and consumer use of technology in the world.”

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