My journey continues, you can read about it here. I have to admit that I have been ducking Ramen Noodles for a couple of weeks. Not even I was quite ready to take the Kippers and Ramen challenge. But it was time to do something.


Pretty much the only tools needed this time are a small pan, a wooden spoon and a hammer. The hammer is optional and may not be required in all cases.


The ingredient list is also short, even though I got some good savings on Sun Basket mealkits this week – and didn’t really need to use them for this. A bag of 20 cent Ramen noodles, a dollop of el cheapo garlic spread and some frozen peas.

I used Shrimp flavored Ramen, but I think that you could make this with whatever Ramen noodles you can find in the cupboard. You can also use whatever vegies you like, I toyed with the idea of using Brussel Sprouts, but their cooking time was too long. If you are going to use Brussels, pre cook them and add toward the end.

My solution was frozen peas. I found an ancient opened bag of them in the freezer. Time had not been kind to them. They were frozen in a block of ice. A couple of whacks with the hammer fixed the problem, I had a mini iceberg of peas.

The Ramen package suggested two cups of boiling water. I cut that down to one cup, then added the pea iceberg and noodles. At the two minute mark I cut the heat and added a heaping tablespoon of garlic spread.

A quick stir, and then a one minute wait for the flavors to meld. It was great!

I am not sure what the sticky stuff is on the kitchen floor. Noodles tend to be crunchy, so when my wife asks about it, I will play dumb.

Simon Barrett

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