Jurassic Park Explorer DVD GameIn the 21st century, popping a DVD into the DVD player and walking through the steps of a game on a television while simultaneously running a simple board game with classic pieces seems like the ideal way to go. Kids get the excitement of video and 3-D animation, while also getting the more traditional roll-the-die board game feeling as well. The new Jurassic Park Explorer DVD Game combines these two aspects in a pretty seamless fashion.

Marketing itself as “An interactive dinosaur game for the whole family”, the game requires little set up and can be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Though the box states that the game is for Ages 6 to 106, it seems strategically created for kids between ages six to 12 to play with their parents, babysitters, or grandparents. The activities in the game are relatively easy for an adult, but could be challenging for a child. An interesting feature to help avoid an unfair game allows each player to choose a difficulty level for themselves ranging from Easy (“Scout”) to Difficult (“Paleontologist”).

Game play is pretty simple. The goal is to be the first to collect a certain amount of dinosaur cards by completing certain challenges, ranging from answering dinosaur quiz questions to completing a maze. The game board itself is provided in order to allow for a randomization of the seven activities that can be performed. Each square on the board is labelled for a certain activity, and landing on that square requires that the player complete the activity named.

The most engaging game is one entitled “Screener Room” where players get to view clips from all three of the Jurassic Park movies and then answer a question about the clip they just saw. Another game, “Jump the Chasm”, is more like a typical video game, requiring the player to jump over a raging dinosaur and make it safely to the other side. When a task is successfully accomplished, the player is rewarded with a dinosaur card and a few brief snippets of information about the dinosaur they have been awarded. This is the true draw of the game, for while kids are caught up in playing a videogame style boardgame, they may not realize how much information they’re actually learning about dinosaurs.

Jurrasic Park Explorer expertly blends information and entertainment in a DVD/gameboard format that should please both parents and children. The graphics are fun to watch, though not as clean as most game systems these days, but that’s to be expected considering that this is a kid’s game and not an XBox or PS3 game. Though the information may begin to get a bit repetitive after multiple playings and repeat questions, this might not necessarily be a drawback considering that this means the kids are retaining knowledge. For the kid who can’t get enough dinosaurs, Jurassic Park Explorer is the way to go.

Zach’s (24-year old) Rating: B-
8-year old Zach’s rating: A-
12-year old Zach’s rating: B+

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For more information, visit the game’s homepage

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