The Game Developers Conference Online 2010 (GDC Online) is scheduled to take off on October 5th and continue until October 8th. The meet will kick off with emerging-market summits that will take place on the first two days of the conference to be held in Austin, Texas.

The two standalone summits are dedicated to game development as it relates to 3D stereoscopic games, iPhone games, Apple’s iPad, and video narrative. These summits, attended by top game developers, will deliver discussions along with technical and business advice in the major areas impacting the game industry.

Moreover, the three days of the GDC that follow are allocated to a gamut of design, technical content and business marketing assistance crucial to coming up with social marketing titles, kid-friendly online titles, MMOs on a large scale, web games that are free-to-play and experimenting with  new online game genres.

The GDC will be hosted at the Austin Convention Center in Austin and submissions for the conference began in April. One of the summits that are planned for the during GDW include the iPad Gaming Summit, which will be debuting at GDC. This summit is designed to offer a host of information for game developers working on iPad and iPhone platforms. The summit will also share key data and technical knowhow from successful developers on the platform. The iPad Gaming Summit is eagerly awaited as it offers a way in for novices into iPhone/iPad gaming development.

Event Director at GDC Online, Izora de Lillard, described the conference by saying that the new specialized summits taking place at GDC confirms the event is a forerunner in emerging platforms and technologies in the future.

She added, “The full breadth of GDC Online’s content offers essential sessions for both industry veterans and online game developer newcomers to learn about and capitalize on important and developing trends” reports PRNewswire.

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