The Imams misguided response to Jammeh’s outrageous comments against gays.
By Pasamba Jow Coach
I find the enthusiastic endorsement by the imam and deputy imam of North Carolina of Jammeh’s outrageous attack against homosexuals quite perplexing.  If Mr. Kanteh (imam) and Mr. Jeng (deputy imam) had spoken as private concerned citizens, I would not have responded to their statements, but since they chose their pulpits to make the statements, I believe they deserve a response.
What is disconcerting about the imams’ attempt to praise Jammeh is what I will call their selective attention to Jammeh’s tyranny.
There is nothing more disgusting than to see these imams jumping over each other to praise Jammeh’s hateful attacks on gays, but never uttering a single word publicly against Jammeh’s continued abrogation of Gambian rights. I am inclined to ask, where were the imams when Koro Ceesay was murdered? Where were they when twelve innocent students were massacred? Where were they when Deyda Hydara was assassinated, better yet where were they when Mr. Ousman Sillah, who is now a respectful elder in North Carolina, was nearly murdered by Jammeh’s thugs? Alternatively, is it that murder is less of crime than homosexuality in the eyes of Islam?
If imams choose to praise Jammeh for what they consider good, they must have the courage and the fortitude to denounce his wrongs.  Ultimately, it does not take an imam, a priest, or a rabbi to point out when a crime has been committed; when someone’s life has been taken in cold blood; when the basic rights of a human being are being trampled upon.  Individuals can determine these things for themselves, and can serve the greater good of humanity by defending these rights vigorously, and in a manner that honors the divinity of us all.  
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Coach our Imams are entitled to their views. We do not see any problem with them supporting Jammeh’s. It’s healthy to think differently. Thanks…

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