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The Gambian President Yaya Jammeh has said any time he celebrates his birthday, landmark projects are also coincidentally inaugurated and that this is an indication of the significance of the day. President Jammeh was speaking at the official inauguration of Comium Cellelular company along the Kairaba Avenue. The Gambian leader who was escorted by a large entourage, was convinced that his birthday May 24 is indeed a red letter day to The Gambia and her people because whenever the day is around, it would be accompanied by the opening of key projects vital to the wellbeing of Gambians.

According to President Jammeh, the opening of Comium cellular company to The Gambia is indeed timely and welcome since, according to him, his government would work with any partner in development. “What I am interested in is the welfare of the Gambian people.It doesn’t matter who is doing it. Welcome to the market though competitive. It is easy because if you cannot wrestle, don’t go into the arena,” he said.

But is President Jammeh really interested in Gambians enjoy affordable communications facilities Well, if his refusal to impress on Gamcel to make communication not only available, accessible but also affordable to Gambians is any guide, then he is not genuine in his comment. President Jammeh has been accused of benefiting from Gamcel than any Gambian. Gamcel and their parent body-Gamtel are the largest benefactors and contributors to Jammeh’s uncontrolled and senseless festivities. The company is accused of swindling and milking  Gambians by providing GSM services to Gambians and non-citizens at throat-cutting rates only to plough it back to Jammeh’s senseless festivities that have now come to stay with us.

At present, Gamcel has 250,000 subscribers but it the most expensive GSM operator in The Gambia. Jammeh has said no to calls for the privatisation of the company because he knows how much he is gaining from it. In another news, President Jammeh has been accused of denegrading the office of the president by stooping so low to attend certain programmes all with a view to endearing himself to the business community. The President has been accused of wasting public fund by attending the opening of Comium when SoS Macduall could better present him as ICT SoS. ‘But the man is greedy and would do everything to eat businesspeople’s
money. But this encourage corrup

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