Gambia’s Daily Express Likely To Be Closed By The Gambian Gov’t!
Gambia’s Daily Express Likely To Be Closed By The Gambian Gov’t-A Concerned Gambian Tells Freedom Newspaper!

“Observer MD Saja Taal “Inciting” Gov’t To Close Daily Express.”

If the information we received from the said concerned Gambian is to go by then the Banjul based private publication, the Daily Express will soon disappear from the news stance, as the writer exposed ongoing plans by the Gambian authorities to close the paper. Daily Observer Managing Director Saja Taal is said to be at the center of this sinister scheme to send the Daily Express out of business. The paper, we heard was being perceived as anti government establishment with their recent story describing the Serre-Kunda Market as a spot for marijuana smoking. The said piece never went down well with Saja Taal and some state officials. Press bodies such as the Paris based Reporters Without Borders, The Ghana based Media Foundation for West Africa, The Committee to Protect journalists (CPJ), The International Freedom of Expression group (IFEX), the International Federation of journalist (IFJ) should intervene now before the Daily Express is closed. Below is the mail we received from the concerned Gambian who is reacting to the piece filed by our National Correspondent Landing Badjie recently. Please read on….

By A Concerned Gambian

Thanks for the story on Daily Express and Saja taal. Saja is into the habit of a gross abuse of state power, not just that he incited an ambush been layed for the Daily Express staff, a frreelance reporter with the newspaper named Modou Njie we heard was queried by the NIA monday morning over a story he wrote found on the siezed plates, the story talked about the burnt part of Serekunda market which has turned to a Jamba smoking corner, Saja told the NIA that the story is against the goverment and that Daily express is anti goverment. This story billed to have be published sparked the NIA to action since they moved in and arrested those found smoking jamba in that part of the market, a point for the media there, but why question and warn the reporter if the story is of use,is the media not there to help police the society.

Soon, Daily Express might go off the newstand, the brains behind the paper are regularly under intimidation, whilst from the top to the least working with the paper are revealed to be volunteers who invest their resources and intellect. Pa Nderry please investigate and give us the details. Thank you for the good job.

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