demand $300 pay raise!
Thursday, May 03, 2007 (16 reads)

Trade SOS

By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul.
Paid For And Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper.

Workers’ Day is celebrated world-wide as a day to reflect on the plight of workers as the engine of social, political and economic growth. In line with tradition, the day is celebrated here in The Gambian with sporting activities .But the euphoria that engulfed the Independence Stadium in Bakau yesterday have by far belied the economic trauma that the average worker is forced to endure. The prices of essential commodities are shooting through the roof on daily basis while salaries/wages remain constant. The most hard-hit section of the society are the civil servants and wage earners and the Gambia National Trade Union Congress have come up with a resolution, urging the Jammeh administration to look into the plight of workers.

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Gambian Journalists Observe Press Freedom Day!
Thursday, May 03, 2007 (6 reads)

GPU President Ceesay
With Sam and F Manneh

By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul.Paid For And Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper

Journalists in The Gambia  today brainstormed on major topics revolving around extreme grave and disquieting problems confronting media practitioners in country. Some of the issues to be discussed would include the arrests and detention of Gambian journalists without trial. “We are also concerned about the majority of crimes committed against journalists and other media professionals that remain unpunished. The case of Fatou Jaw Manneh, the continued disappearance /detention of journalist Chief Ebrima B. Manneh and protracted court case of Lamin Fatty are issues of concern,” stated a press release from the Gambia Press Union.

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Has President Jammeh decreed a $10,000 marriage fraud? Michael Scales tells us his side of the story!
Thursday, May 03, 2007 (32 reads)

Scales             Jilanka exposed!

By Micheal Scales, UK.

Dear Mr. Editor,

I am deeply shocked and dismayed by a phone call this evening from a Gambian gentleman and an English lady .They turned to me some 12 months ago for advice and help in arranging to get married in The Gambia. There once in a lifetime dream has been shattered in the most extraordinary cicumstances.They have worked incredibly hard to save up the £3,200 to cover the expense for there 3 week stay at The Atlantic Hotel to meet with family and friends ,some from abroad who had converged in The Gambia for the celebration. They applied for the marriage licence upon arrival with the 10,000 Dalasis fee, in hand ,as instructed ,only to be informed that The President of The Gambia has decreed that he and only he can now sign the marriage licence. Despite frantic visits and many phone calls to the Ministry of Justice, they were informed that The President had traveled and was therefore unavailable to sign the document.

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Bubacarr Sankanu hits back at Omar Saidykhan over President Jammeh Commentary!
Thursday, May 03, 2007 (25 reads)

Bubacarr Sankanu hits back at Omar Saidykhan over President Jammeh Commentary!

Dear Pa Nderry and Team,

Thank you very much for granting me space to thank Mr. Omar Saidykhan of Kentucky, USA, for his rejoinder to my piece titled: „Is President Jammeh To Blame For Tribalism?” In as much as I respect Mr. Saidykhan’s right of reply and freedom of expression, I must however admit, he missed the point by taking salt for sugar.Mr. Saidykhan wrote It is a bit disturbing that claiming journalists take the easy road to function by throwing the same traveling and trashy innuendo as fact when it has been dispelled. The author of the original account has as much admitted his error when he admitted than he had no knowledge as to the composition of the Terri Kaffo .He only associated them to a conspiracy he concocted in his mind. To be exact, he erroneously stated as fact that Saikou Sabbally was a member of the Terri Kaffo,whichis a lie. Now here comes Sankanu repeating this same drvel to prove his point. This is the danger I feared and will continue to dispel with all my might, because we deserve better, not junk yard self promoting journalists of innuendo…”

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Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag What our dear readers say today!
Thursday, May 03, 2007 (14 reads)

By Serign Mansour Jagne

Pa Nderry Once again I am happy to read such a very well written article  about Saja Taal. The whole story seems to reliable. What worries me most is how could Saja associated himself with a Government that is currently PERSECUTING his own relative- Ms Maimuna Taal – The Former Director General of Gambia Civil Aviation Authority. Saja Taal is definitely living on borrowed time. I can’t foresee Saja Taal getting another important job from Jammeh.

From my observation, the post of Managing Director for the Daily Observer is normally awarded to failed supporters of the APRC. Lest we forget the likes of Sariang Ceesay and Buba Baldeh, where are these people ?? Are they still within the APRC heavy weights??? Based on Saja Taal, one would have expected to be elevated as an nominated MP but no, the guy is going  the BOY BOY ASSIGNMENT at the OBSERVER.

By Gheran Senghore

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to have read the article you carried on Saja Taal, the allegations in that article are very serious. My reaction to this article has nothing or no connection to Mr. Taal. My concern is the lack of professionalism and total disrespect in the contents of the story which are totally based on hear say and third party information.

Bringing up issues such as growing up poor in the streets of banjul and running around without shoes, almost at the brink of starving to death and describing Mr. Taal as reckless, untidy, criminal, uncivilized and not brushing his teeth has nothing to do with the professional capacity of a man nor the principle and ethics of journalism.

If this writer grew up in Banjul, then he must know that the majority of us who grew up in Banjul walked those very streets without shoes as kids. My own father walked to school in the streets of Banjul and Basse without shoes. How then is this supposed to affect or have an impact on a man’s education or intellectual capacity? What Mr. Taal had his degree in is not an issue, besides have we forgotten that Tourism is the back bone of The Gambia’s economy. Calling Mr. Taal an Idiot and talking about his torn pants and not wear under pant is total disrespect and has nothing to do with journalism. It’s all just totally unprofessional and as editor you must edit the contents of any article before posting them. failure to do this would also reflect and affect your professionalism and credibility as you are responsible for what is in the contents of your publications I thank you for giving me this space.

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Captain Tumbul Tamba’s death torments Jammeh-state guards complains about Jammeh’s strange noises at the palace!!!
Thursday, May 03, 2007 (846 reads)

Jammeh reported mad!!

By Serg. PMJ

President Yahya Jammeh and his killers commonly called Chiakas  are in deep shock after one of their chum Captain Tumbul Tamba was pronounced dead at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) in Banjul on Wednesday April 25. Since the death of Tamba, Jammeh’s mood has dramatically changed and the National Intelligence Agency’s (NIA) communications room is inundated with strange noises intercepted from the President’s office at State House. Noises of somebody groaning and guard’s voices were on several occasions intercepted from the President’s Office. Our intelligence reports revealed that President Jammeh is deeply shock by the dead of one of his leading Chiakas  operatives and that he sometimes talks to himself. The reports indicated that upon the guard’s enquiry of whom he was talking to, as normal Jammeh did not want them to know that it’s because of the dead of Tamba that’s making him uncomfortable. Instead, he boasted of telling them that he was talking to his Jinns (Devils). The guards were astounded of this latest Jammeh proclamation. However, in one of the occasions, the noises were too much that the guards have to rush into the President’s office only to found nobody inside and Jammeh was gone. To where, they don’t know. Suddenly, President Jammeh reappeared from the main entrance of his office. When ask about the strange noises and his disappearance and reappearance from the main entrance, Jammeh boastfully told them, You have not seen anything yet. I will teach anybody a lesson who wants to bring me down.

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