Gambian says he has been ofended by Michael Scales writes up on illegal immigrants!!
By Gambian Boy

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to send a few lines to respondt to Mr. Scale’s’ Illegal immigrant issue. First, I thank Mr. Scales for that big donation he gave to our this widely read paper, to support sport in the Gambia. I am not writting because I want to come to the UK. I only want to let Mr. Scales  and all the GREAT British to know that not all Africans want to go and stay  in Europe. I am disapointed by our colonial masters “England”. With all  these socalled immigration rules mr. Scales is mentioning, I want to know if  the British need any visa to come to Gambia. How long does it take them to  get one.

We didn’t give them any visa to come and colonise us. They stayed and took  anything they needed without working permits. They even forced us to go and  fight for the queen ine the second world war because we are part of her  kingdom. When they needed us, we never gave them independance. We allowed  them to depend on us. After looting and using us and not having anymore  interest in our countries, our time to depend on them, they are giving us  the socalled independance and imposing unneseccery visa problems for us.

Mr. Scales is not even ashame to say ” (If you are a person who has entered  the U.K. by illegal means, without a visa and with little money, you are  faced with some very difficult problems. You will not be able to show a  passport with the necessary visa stating that you have been granted  permission to remain. Therefore you will not be able to claim a national  Insurance number with which to seek an income, through gainful employment.

Faced with the need for survival, you may consider resorting to crime or  indeed become a victim of crime. ) If the British were as kind as we were to  them, should it be a problem for one to pay a visit to his former colonial  master? That shouldn’t even require any visa. When we went to Boma with you,  we were one. Now that the war is over, we need visa for the kingdom we  diffended.

Listen to mr. Scales: “Our Police ,customs officials and intelligence  agencies are constantly trying to uncover and where apropriate,prosecute  these criminals. The penalties for those who are caught are very stiff. If  you are apprehended by our police or immigration officials, it is likely  that you will be cautioned and read your rights. These include the provision  of a lawyer if you are without one. You may be detained in a detention  center whilst your case is considered. If after an unfavorable decision is  reached about your right to remain in the U.K. You have the right to appeal.  If all else fails….you may be deported.” Shame on the colonial masters.

Scales continued: “Where the great British Public has concern over illegal  immigration, is on many frounts.The cost of illegal immigration to the  British Tax payer is enormous. We also respect honesty and observance of our  laws. This is why I say it is better to always to observe the rules and be  truthful. I believe that the British Public is on the whole considerate and  sympathetic to those in greatest need. Life for most citizens of our  country is not easy. I read a report yesterday that the average British  citizen spends the first 5 months of there annual salary paying there tax  bill”.

Me. Scales, we have a monster running our statehouse. i think its time for us to call on your great nation to help us get rid of him and creat a  suitable enviroment for us to be able to stay home. Untill then mr. Scales,  we are on our way seeking refuge with the queen we fought for in Boma.

Thank you.

Gambian Boy.

Posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 (Archive on Monday, June 18, 2007)
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