YAHYA IN A BASKET OF SHAME!!!The pulpit-the constitution-the insincere side of Yahya Jammeh’s perception!
By Hammadi Maasinah
We must admit that the latest controversial statements from Yahya Jammeh have stirred a wild reaction from all corners of society. Some reactions were expected others were not. However, what attracts the attention of many is the issues at hand as they are contemporary international topics. These issues surrounding gays, lesbians, or minorities per se are seen within a different perception in other societies particularly in the western hemisphere. Politically and culturally they are part of modern society’s challenges when it comes to equality and justice. The term “human rights” does not exclude or include anything because of what a preacher says. This term was born out of a legal perspective not out of religious perspective when it comes to constitutions. Of course that does not mean religious teachings do not care about respecting human rights. They indeed do but on a different footing when culture or  politics are confronted in certain given instances. This is where statute laws, customary laws and the like are useful. This is also where the state MUST be separated from RELIGION if we are to claim anything to go by democratic methods of approach.
For example, If Yahya Jammeh as an individual were to say he does not “support” the idea of seeing gays in The Gambia but cannot do anything about it because he is not the constitution, I for one would have defended his position out right. Him as a person can say so but him as a president who wants to be seen as an elected leader cannot say so! Him or his legal advisers know the latter is a fact but as usual he deliberately chose to make a name while leaning on Islam at a time he chose to exploit, for obvious reasons! Yahya Jammeh is like a plain glass . The latter takes the colour of any substance poured in it. He changes contents not colours to satisfy others. His case is worse than a chameleon at least chameleons are part of a natural habitat. Allah or God created them that way. But a plain glass is inanimate and colourless! Its contents are chosen by anyone who wants to use it! This is where he is qualified to be called a political-prostitute or a dead hypocrite. Now look at his latest press release? Is that not putting those religious leaders who supported Yahya in a basket of shame? Isn’t it? This is exactly why I for one stood to call him a hypocrite who is causing evil sparks while insulting the faithful. He pronounced his feelings against gays in the open and right before the end of the week he comes out with a press release dissociating himself from what he said? Isn’t that hypocrisy??? Yahya cannot enjoy the cradle of being an Islamist, an animist, a populist and an apologist at the same time? All in one person’s  head? Then that means the person is a dead  hypocrite.
He also has to stop this feeling in him. That is, thinking that what ever he says can become a law right now. No that is false! He is not a king. Even the kings in Saudi Arabia rule that land through the dictates of the Shari’a laws for goodness sake.
For those of us who do not understand the way Yahya operates may think that he is a good believer when he says such things in favour of the teachings of the Qur’an and the holy Bible. I do not blame these Imams or Priests at all. However, I blame Yahya for misleading these good men of Allah or God. Now that he has issued a press release will show them why I called Yahya a hypocrite.
You know when we quote the Qur’an, Haidths or other holy books the references we make must match what is being taught in there. In Yahya’s case I can relate his remarks to the utterances of a hiding hypocrite. He has facilitated the process for all and sundry to be able to conclude that he is indeed a hypocrite. Why issue a press release cleaning himself if he meant to salvage theology? He was making noise to draw attention to himself as usual. I am used to that therefore can always predict where this “false messiah” will land with his white “kaftaans”.
The prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was a tolerant person who never used canes to get what He wanted. He never used chains, insults and blatant arrogance. He was steadfast, firm  but at the same time tolerant. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave people the chance to repent, reverse their evil deeds before sanctioning them. This is why Him the good man of Allah or God used to train captured war prisoners to learn different trades likewise the various disciplines in Islam before releasing them. His conditions were methodical, organized and productive. For Him, the war prisoner had to learn how to help him or herself and society then earn total freedom! Even as  war prisoners Muhammad(PBUH) shaped them to help themselves and society at large afterwards. I swear this Prophet was a good man of Allah or God!!!
Would Yahya or any other ruler do anything close to that today?  Remember these war prisoners were fighters who wanted to see the end of the Prophet(PBUH). Even if they could not achieve it, that  is what they aimed at during those battles of UHUD and the like.
Him the same prophet taught us not to judge others. Not being an Imam does not mean one cannot be in the high platform of “Wilaayah” certainly that is true!
The inside of one’s soul can only be judged or read by Allah the omnipotent and the omnipresent. Likewise matching one’s outside actions with words and deeds towards Allah is not to be measured by wild speeches. The best amongst the followers or worshippers is the one who fears Allah or God most. Who is this person? Allah or God knows better than all of us do. Certainly why Him Allah is more interested in the heart than the hand. Hearts hide what we humans cannot see or hear. We can read body language, analyze words, decode coded messages of words but never can we read what the heart is saying! Even lie-detectors are connected to neurological effects but not what the heart pumps.
We all know what Allah or God has said regarding patience. He said this:”Inna Laaha Maa’a Saabireen”
 Him Allah or God shall always side with those who are tolerant. Tolerance does not mean not standing against what Allah or God has rejected. No we can stand against what Allah or God has rejected but with discipline and firmness. That is exactly what His Prophets did and preached.
That is exactly why I personally respect preachers like Dr Omar Jah.
He speaks his mind while going against issues like gays etc wherever he preaches but with discipline and references to the holy Qur’an. You know when we convey Allah’s messages or God’s we must always remember that He created the ones being judged too. We can only say or show others what He likes or dislikes but never can we ever take over His throne!
Remember “Ilaa-Bimaa-Shaa’a-Washi’a Kurshiyuhu”
This can be found in “Aayatul Kursiyu” He never sleeps and never yawns!
Is there anyone of us here who can stay sleepless for more than 72 hours without going crazy? None!
Politics is an art meant to render services to mundane demands. Religion is not an art it is discipline, peace and submission to the creator. Where the teachings or revelations of the creator are geared towards controlling life, death and after death. Certainly if we live these responsibilities in the hands of fallible mortal men and women they will ever use it to reprimand those they perceive as enemies of the state. This is why the colonialist could not stand Sheikh Ahmad Bamba. Bamba was against the colonial governor but he was NOT AGAINST ALLAH. The same goes with Alhaji Malick Sey,Alhaji Ebrima Niasse others and others. All those men of Allah or GOD never bowed before the colonial governors. Of course these governors were using other preachers to help them maintain a firm stand. Arch Bishop Desmon Tutu spoke against apartheid for decades!  Likewise a British bishop did. He was white but he condemned segregation. Look at the latest news.
Likewise many other learned men in other parts of the world stood against the usage of theology to satisfy power!. Today in China the Dalai Lama is being pursued by the communist regime because he believes in some super natural power which the communist regime sees as a threat to the society’s hegemony as a communist country. That is the danger I see in states being allowed to over take the duties of religion. I they had tolerance in China the Dalai Lama might have been in there worshipping and respecting the state at the same time. But no, they want him and his followers to see them the way he sees his creator! That cannot be!
Sometimes even if a leader speaks in favour of religion we must first ask what the political motives are because in most cases power hungry leaders use anything and everything to control society.

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