Below is an email we received purportedly coming from Gambia’s state house from a concerned Gambian. We decided to publish the entire mail for the sake of credibility.The Freedom Newspaper could not verify the story on the expulsion of the UNDP representative as claimed by the writer. Please read on. The views of the author does not necessarily refelects the position of the Freedom Newspaper. We appreciate the writer’s efforts to  bring our attention to this serious state of affairs. Please read on…

From: <>   Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007 11:38 AM

Following her interview with the Sky News reporter Emma, reliable State House sources reported that the UN Resident Coordinator and personal representative of the Secretary General of the UN, Fadzai Gwarazimba has just been declared Persona non Grata!!! The sources have it that she is told to leave The Gambia by Sunday 24th February 2007. It is to be recalled that Fadzai bravely expressed her concern over the possible ramifications of a non scientifically and independently tested cure to HIV on the general populace and the efforts to curb scourge in the country.

 While Gambia’s Health Minister Dr. Tamsir Mbowe continues on a path of deception and servility to apease the President despite the ethical dictates of his trade, the former UNICEF Chief, Mrs Faye (who was also the Chair of UN efforts to fight the scourge in The Gambia and who still showers, even after the end of her term, The President with praises and congratulations typical of a Gambian Minister), UNAIDS, WHO and FAO continue on a path of silence that baffles most.

 In contrast, we just heard that two Directors of the World Bank Million Dollars Aids Program in Gambia Resigned in Protest Against Jammeh’s Claims For Aids Cure. The latter two and Fadzai of the UN should be given a round of applause for their firm stance in favour of humanity (thereby risking rebuke and possibly imprisonment). Mrs Faye and her silent flock in her league have a lot to learn from these brave personalities.

 Her type are paid by the UN thousands of US Dollars a month, but all we saw, specially in th e person of Mrs Faye, is a rather UN paid staunch APRC supporter, who never misses an appointment to meet the President or an opportunity to be seen to emulate FJC!!! Lord have mercy on The Gambia as we enter critical times with an increasingly jittery, ignorant, arogant, know-it-all, dictator, pseudo doctor, self-loving, maniacal and bigot of a President in the Person of AJJ Jammeh [Gambia’s “ignoranus” (ig.nor.AY.nus) = A person who is both stupid and extremely rude]. Let’s just hope that what is unfolding in Guinea these days is not what the future holds in The Gambia. Anonymous


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