Chongan, the true soldier
who defended Gambia’s
constitution on July 22ND

Gallantry and brevity ceased to exist in July of 1994. Out of  the numerous officers of Gambia’s Armed Forces, few were brave enough to confront the coupists led by then Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh. Most of the officers have either went into hiding or had voluntarily surrendered  themselves to the military mutineers. Some were used as shield or firing target if you like, as Jammeh and his men marched towards the Capital City Banjul. The likes of Pa Sallah Jeng former Inspector General of police, Lang Tombong Tamba, now Chief Staff, Lamin Kaba Bajo, former State Guard commander, Baboucarr Jatta, former army commander, Major Pa Ann, the list goes on and on betrayed the Gambian constitution  by failing to defend their country from armed attack. Two former Security Chiefs defended the constitution by putting their lives on the line to confront the coupists. These men of our army had won our respect. Alpha Ebrima Ismaila Chongan and Major Amadou Suwareh refused to betray their oaths-that’s defending the Gambian Constitution. These two men have not only put their lives on the line, but had ensured that the coup never materializes. Despite little support from the security top brass, Chongan and Suwareh fired couple of shots to tackle the mutineers. That’s what we expect from any patriotic soldier committed to his work. Regrettably, Major Suwareh later compromised his principles by accepting to work with the junta. The army and police under Jawara were not loyal at all. This statement might sound controversial, but we challenge our former and present men in uniform to prove us wrong.  They put their personal interest ahead of the national interest. If these officers were loyal as they portrayed themselves to the old man, the July 22ND coup would have been a failure.

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Journalist Bubacarr Sankanu seems to be out of touch with Gambian realities-Minteh!
Wednesday, May 09, 2007 (42 reads)


Binneh S Minteh Lieutenant Retired

Broadly defined, the concept of tribalism deals is discrimination in relationship between the individual, his or her tribe, and others. It also involves the status, claims, and duties of the individual relative to the state. As such, it has become an antiquated concept and it no longer has a place in modern politics. The state and its governing official duties to its citizenry is indeed a perennial question – an important method for upholding equal treatment of all citizens irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, and social background. As such it is a subject as old as politics and nations must not grapple with it, but put it in the dust bins of history.

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Sankanou deviated the the truth-says Makhang Conteh
Wednesday, May 09, 2007 (27 reads)


By Makhang Conteh


Please allow me a space to react to the protracted debate between Karamo and ”Wagadu Ghana Renmi”.I know Baboucarr Sankanu very well, from his school days at Sukuta Secondary School, Nusrat and his brief stint at Point, APRC owned Upfront and until he met me at G RTS.I will not go into detail about his dubious activities, but all I can say is that he is a fraudster, a big 419 as Nigerians will call it.Sankanou is not honest and will do anything to get what he desire. In Sankanou’s initial reaction to Karamo,s accusation that he defrauded them in a form collecting monies from them, with a promise for an advertisement,Sankanou deviated the the truth. The programme Business forum was programmed and conceived as income generating programme.

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Breaking News:The Big Interview:Leading British Entrepreneur Micheal Scales speaks!
Wednesday, May 09, 2007 (347 reads)

Scales speaks!!!   Jammeh needs to improve his rights

“Where i could..i always tried to ask the right people the right questions.One man i wanted to meet was Tamsir Jallow.He was then the leader of the President’s party in Parliament.At our first meeting he was quite intimidating.He looked at me squarely in the eye and said….Mr.Scales i’ve heard you are not a very nice man.I must admit i was like a duck on the lake….above water i was all calm and serene …but underneath i was paddleing like hell.I dont know what he was like in parliament..but he sure scarred the hell out of me.The next day we met again and he was lovely….he even had my shoes cleaned and let me sit in when the Nigerian Foriegn Minister breezed into his office.He intimated that perhaps i wasnt such a bad fellow after all.We spoke frankly about Human Rights and the NIA.What he told me was very credible. Of the NIA he said Not everything that transends our borders is welcome.We are a landlocked country unlike the U.K. where your borders are ringed with water.He compared Gambias problems to those of Northern Ireland and the counter terrorism measures that unfortunately is the way of the modern World.I was totally won over.The next time i saw Mr Jallow was at the Gambian Embassy in London.He had swopped his little hat and his kaftan for a pin stripped suit and a brief case.He looked 10 years younger.We embraced warmly and he called me a Gambian.I love this little man with the big heart.The United Nations better watch out.He is a true patriot and no fool.I wish him well.” The voice of UK’S Michael Scales. He was speaking in an exclusive  interview with  the Freedom Newspaper. In this master piece interview, Mr.Scales commented on Gambia’s ailing tourism industry, sports, the Daily Observer, Freedom Newspaper, the country’s governance crisis among a host of other topical issues. Our Managing Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai reaches  him at his London offices for an interview. Below is the full text of the interview we had with Scales. Please read on…

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Bubacarr Sankanu says Karamo Batchilly is dreaming!
Wednesday, May 09, 2007 (234 reads)

Sankanu fights


Bubacarr Sankanu says Karamo Batchilly is dreaming!

Pa Nderry and Team,

I am under time pressure, but I will reply in exhaustive details all these kindergarten nonsense in the coming days.
All I want to say here is that Karamo is dreaming with all due respect. If at all I absconded with GRTS and advertisers’ monies I wonder why didn’t The Gambia Government issue a global press release and arrest warrant for me? I was angry at the way GRTS was being handled: I complained until some colleagues nicknamed me “Mr. Complain.” In protest I played with the airtime that was allocated me. As a result, I was served with a bill in the form of a seven-month salary deduction. When I refused to comply and left, I was accused of “absconding with money” and the wild rumour mongering started! I was NEVER in charge of GRTS advertisement section. I was only a producer in the newsroom and in parallel ran a business forum programme to give the business community a platform for dialogue. These labels of “check book journalism” and “opportunist” are among of the many celebrity prices I was paying for the spotlight. I have learned to live with rumours and scandals. The job was demanding and there was no privacy. People were interested in digging out every small personal detail with scandalous value for the Radio Kanka audience!
The author can be reached by email

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Horomsi:FJC changes her cellular phone number! Do I hear Jammeh say he wants the Singhateys eliminated!!
Wednesday, May 09, 2007 (1181 reads)

Jilanka’s plan expose!!!                     Sins investigated     Lang with Jammeh

My good friend Speaker Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay has changed her cellular phone number. I will refrain from releasing the number online since she advised that it should be confined to few individuals. She changed the number for a reason. She was in Indonisia when news of  her sacking circulated in town. Fatou is very angry with the Freedom Newspaper that I know. She is also angry with some APRC NAMS. She believes that the rumor of her removal was circulated by her colleagues who wanted to see her out of that office. She called home to verify if she was indeed fired. Even though she was assured that there was no letter from the state house for her, Fatou kept on calling day in day out to enquire if the state house old man had not delivered a mail for her. Fatou is a good friend of mine. We dine and do things together. She doesn’t know that I’m Horomsi. She invites me for lunch at her residence. Unsuspecting Fatou has been revealing a lot about the conspiracy reached by some APRC NAMS to send her home. She told me about the MP’S planned petition against the Jammeh government for salary increment. Fatou has been working hard to block the said MP’S petition. She is very worried about the divisions among the APRC rank and file. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the new Majority leader has been accused by Fatou of trying to hijack her post. Fabakery is today more  closer to Jammeh than FJC. The President listens to him more than Fatou. Fatou is not happy about that.  About 60 percent of the APRC NAMS are loyal to Fabakary. Jammeh is aware of Fabakary’s followings. Faout’s own colleagues don’t know her new number. She is not in speaking terms with some of the MPS. That I know.

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Sankanu absconds with our money-This is not the Sanakanu I used to know
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 (435 reads)

Sankanu accused!

By Karamo Batchilly, Serre-Kunda

Dear Mr.Editor,

I have been following with keen interest about the debate on tribalism in the Gambia. I was not surprised to read what Babacarr Sankanu said on Freedom. Sankanu fled the Gambia with our hard earned money. He nearly cost Bora Mboge his job,  as he absconds with advert money he collected from advertisers like myself. I have long been trying to establish Sankanu’s whereabouts but to no avail. We are waiting  for the day when Sankanu would repay us our monies. He collected money from us with the promise of advertising for us on the GRTS business forum. Through out my life, I have never seen a corrupt journalist like Sankanu. His employer could not even tell us where he was when he left the country  with our money. Good to hear that he is  now in Germany to study law. Perhaps, he is using our funds to pay for that course. Now that he is speaking out, I deem it necessary to tell the Gambian people my experiences with this “CHECK BOOK” journalist. For Sanakanu to say that Yahya Jammeh can continue to enjoy as long as he did not steps on people’s toes, is an insult to us Gambians. Having looted our money, Sankanu is left with nothing but to provoke us. Sankanu dares deny that he left with people’s money. He cannot also deny that he implicated Bora Mboge, Modou Joof and others? I challenge him to dispute what I said and  I will come here with names of advertisers he owed money.

Editors note:The views expressed on this piece does  not  necessarily reflects the position of the Freedom Newspaper at all. This paper cannot be held liable for the the writer’s views. Mr.Sankanu is free to clarify.

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Freedom Please wait until I get there- Tamsir Jallow tells Editor Jambang!!
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 (438 reads)

Jallow says he should be given time!!

Tamsir Jallow Declines to Comment on UN Mission

“I don’t talk to journalists”, says Jallow
Yankuba Jambang, Associate Editor
The Gambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Mr Tamsir Jallow has declined to comment on his appointment as the Gambia’s ambassador to the United Nations. The Freedom newspaper’s editor Yankuba Jambang called Mr. Jallow at the mission’s office on 57 Kensington Court in west London to confirm his appointment. “I don’t talk to journalists”, Mr. Jallow told  Jambang. He said journalists misquote people and therefore, he does not like talking to them.When asked what he hopes to achieve as the head of the Gambia’s Permanent Mission at UN, Mr Jallow replied: “why don’t you wait when I get there…” If appointed Mr Jallow will work with Mr. Omar Alhaji Taal, head of chancery and military attache` and Mr. Lamin Fatty, first secretary and legal adviser at the mission located on 800 2ND Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

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Breaking News:Sports Minister Faye in deep trouble! Extra-marital sex scandal case file on Jammeh’s desk!
Monday, May 07, 2007 (1112 reads)

Faye in deep trouble      CJ Savage            Faye’s case reaches

By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie Banjul
And Staff Writer Justice Sam. Paid For And Commissioned  by
the Freedom Newspaper.

The fate of the embattled Sports and Religious Affairs Minister Omar Faye, will soon be decided, as his extra-marital sex scandal case file, has reached the desk of Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The disgraced Minister who is not in speaking terms with the Head of State, following his unprofessional misconduct by snatching  the wife of  Omar Adams, has been accused of  threatening to take the life of Adams, who is demanding justice on the said high profile case ever involving a Gambian Minister. The plaintiff in a court deposition, charges among other things-death threats he allegedly received from the accused Minister, wife snatching, and illegal land transfer involving his former wife Ndey Njie. In view of the gravity of the case, the Chief Justice AK Savage was said to have received a word from the President to transfer the matter to his office, possibly to find a lasting solution to the matter.  The Gambian leader who was said to have been shocked by Faye’s misconduct had resorted to closing all lines of communication between him and disgraced Secretary of State. Faye’s recent attempts to have access to the President was blocked, as the Gambian leader would not received or return his phone calls. Increasingly worried by Jammeh’s apparent snub, Faye has been soliciting prayers from family members, loved ones and other close acquaintances to dose the mounting matrimonial row, which is seemingly costing him his job. If wishes become horses, the executive arm of the government and the judiciary of The Gambia would soon wipe off tears from the face of one Omar Adams, who lost a wife to the country’s Secretary of State for Religious Affairs in questionable circumstances. According to information reaching this paper, the matter, which was late last month taken to the Cadi Court in Kanifing and subsequently to the Chief Justice, is now on the desk of the President of the Republic.

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Breaking News: Acute Drug shortages hit Jammeh Foundation hospital!
Monday, May 07, 2007 (513 reads)

Nurses at the Jammeh Foundation hospital lab

By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul.
Paid For And Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper.

The government of The Gambia may pride itself in scoring many goals in the area of health-care delivery but the reality on the ground smacks of the government’s neglect and non-chalant disposition towards many of the country’s health facilities. While some health facilities are virtually dysfunctional others are without the necessary drugs to cure common ailments afflicting Gambians and those resident in the country.”It is quite unfortunate for a major health facility like the Jammeh  Foundation for Peace Hospital to go without drugs. I first went to Faji Kunda Health Centre but no drug to treat my headache. I then went to Jammeh Foundation and still no drug. What is happening to our health-care delivery  system,” lamented a senior citizen of Faji Kunda.Another patient, who was encountered at Bakau health centre, lamented that he was bitten by a dog but to his consternation he was still to get a rabbis injection.  “I went to the MRC but unfortunately I couldn’t get any attention. I later went to the British High Commission where I was told that the rabbis injection was only for their nationals,” she added.

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2 users commented in " Gambian Armed Forces Betrayed Jawara! Gambian soldiers not loyal!! "

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barry said,
in February 4th, 2008 at 1:57 am

I need to contact Pa. Nderry Mbai, how can I ? thanks.

S Touray said,
in July 11th, 2008 at 11:37 am

Mr. Bubacarr Sankanu- this is Touray (Sure your nerve shockwave will measure no less than 8.9 on the rikter scale)

I am, in my current state amused by your denying absconding; so I wasn’t your only victim- others too shared the seemingly bleak future you’d once stared at me.

How do you feel now when you look back at what you did? If I were you, I’ll shy away from public life and would dare not mention about any vice perpetrated by others.

Mind you the world is ever smaller and you should always bear in mind that there are those of us (truth in our hands) that feel disgusted when you try to deny you are not a conman- When you try to act the prophet of perfection when you are indeed a demon, a bad smell, the chickenpox.
It may interest you to know that by the grace of Almighty Allah I managed to put together my life you ripped apart ten years ago. The shadow of your act ironically served as my guide in dealing with humanity- I mean when ever I think of the pain you endured me to, repels any though of being dishonest to others.

I was only only 19 when Sankanu absconded with $4,000 of moneys entrusted to me by my relatives to save keep for them.

I had the best O’level results in my school a promising young man trusted by everyone that knew me. I was about to take my A’Levels when Sankanu turned my life upside down- I would have committed suicide if it were not for my strong faith.

The evil men do live after them…..

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