NIA Rounded Freedom Newspaper Editor’s Family in The Gambia!!Kumba Mbai asked to show up in Court Thursday!!

Agents of The National Intelligence Agency today rounded up the family of the Freedom Newspaper Managing Editor and Publisher Pa Nderry M’Bai. Editor M’Bai’s younger sister Kumba Mbai was first to be arrested in Banjul this morning by agents of the NIA. Kumba was taken to the NIA Head Quarters, where she was interrogated by the agency. She was asked what biological relations she had with the exiled Editor and other family matters. Kumba who is Pa Nderry’s third Sister was granted bail in the sum of half a Million Dalasis before she was released. She was advised to show up in court Thursdady, although the charges against Kumba Mbai had not been made public.

The NIA agents who arrested Kumba were identified as one Star Mboob, Bitaye, Jagne and other agents. Pa Nderry’s Dad, Mum and other brothers were asked to report to the NIA. It’s not clear what most have warranted the said mass arrest of Mbai family.

The NIA wanted to establish if Kumba Mbai was related to Editor Mbai and as such she was intimidated whilst in custody. Thanks to one relative Mamanding Nget and others, Kumba was granted bail. She has been asked to appear in court Thursday

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