More on The Arrest of Editor M’Bai’s Family!!Kumba Mbai Questions Over The Escape of Soldier Yankuba Bojang

NIA Says Yankuba Bojang was Freedom Newspaper’s Source at the State House- Editors react!!

Details are emerging regarding the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai’s sister Kumba Mbai. NIA agents quizzed the journalist’s sister about her relationship with the absconded State Guard Soldier Yankuba Bojang, who is said to be in Dakar at this hour. The soldier absconded recently for unexplained reasons. Yankuba Bojang’s desire to marry the editor’s sister never materializes. The Mbai family never okayed his request, even though he repeatedly requested to marry the new school leaver. The agency told Kumba Mbai that Bojang was one of Editor Mbai’s sources at the State House. Kumba Mbai was accused of being an accomplish, even though she categorically told the agency that she had no ties with the Freedom Newspaper and Yankuba Bojang.

NIA agents also claimed that fugitive Bojang was M’Bai’s source at the Presidential palace, but failed to provide evidence to substantiate their allegations. It’s unclear why Yankuba Bojang is on the run, but source revealed that he was accused of being the famous Lamarana Jallow, who had on numerous occasions exposed Yaya Jammeh online.

While at the NIA, Kumba Mbai was placed in their cells in a bid to solicit confession from her. She was threatened to reveal what association she had with Freedom and Yankuba Bojang. She was also accused of passing information to some Foreign Nationals.

The NIA also claimed that the young lady had been traveling outside the country. But Kumba denied ever communicating with any Foreign National, nor have she ever traveled outside the frontiers of The Gambia.

The Agency also wanted the detained editor’s sister to name how many children her mother have and whether she was in touch with the exiled Editor. Kumba Mbai was also made to furnish the agency about her job in the country. She told the NIA that she was unemployed and had never traveled outside the Gambia in her life. That since the completion of her High School Education, she had not secured a job. That she relied on family support to move on with her life.

Her case file has been handed to the Inspector General of police for possible prosecution. She was granted bail in the sum of half a million dalasis. She was asked to report to the Police Head Quarters Thursday to face criminal charges. Although, the sealed indictment has not be communicated publicly.

Soldier Yankuba Bojang, we gathered was among the close Protection officers assigned to the President. She fled the Gambia recently for unexplained reasons. Reports have it that the soldier was wanted in connection with national security related matters.

Bojang who shared the same tribe with the President, had earlier expressed interest in marrying Kumba Mbai, but the Mbai family never okayed his request. Notwithstanding, he still tried to lure the young girl into matrimonial relationship.

Up to his sudden departure from the country, there was no matrimonial biding between him and Kumba Mbai. The girl’s parents never sanctioned any marriage between the two.

It beats the imagination of many that the NIA is trying to associate her with Bojang. Kumba was staying with one of our relatives in Banjul. She never stayed with Bojang in the first place.

Editors note: This is yet another harassment of the Mbai family by the Yahya Jammeh Government. Kumba Mbai has no ties with Freedom. It is absolute utter rubbish for the Gambian authorities to intimidate the poor girl for a crime she had not committed in the first place. She was never married to soldier Yankuba Bojang. It’s absolute nonsense for anyone to link her with the soldier’s disappearance.

For the records, the Freedom Newspaper Editor and Publisher do not know Yankuba Bojang and wondered how the NIA can foolishly conclude that Bojang was his source at the state house.

“ We have put our lives for this country and no matter what we are here to stay. If Yahya Jammeh thinks that he can make up false allegations against Pa Nderry Mbai’s sister just to cause confusion in the country, he will live to regret it. Lamarana Jallow is alive and he is at the state house. He has accused the wrong person and he will pay for the price. We careless how Yahya Jammeh perceives this paper. We love our country and are ready to die for the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh is in the habit of killing Gambians. Kumba we are with you in these trying times. We committed ourselves to liberating this country through the might of our pens with the help of God. We have no turning back in our well intended media project for the Gambia and her people..”

According to Editor Mbai, the Freedom Newspaper has a mission for the Gambia and will not be intimidated. “ Yahya Jammeh is a desperate leader who is using his NIA to harass and intimidate our family. How can a young girl like Kumba poses any threat to his Government? Or is this another blackmail against the Freedom Newspaper? “

The NIA had earlier lied to Pa Nderry’s Sister Binta Mbai with the aim of getting Kuba’s physical address in Banjul. They claimed that they were sent to convey a message to Kumba, but would not say who sent them. Acting on the information, they gathered they went ahead and arrested the girl.

“ We condemn in strongest terms the arrest of Kumba Mbai. We are determined to rattle Jammeh’s cage in days to come. There are disturbing state secrets before our desk at this hour. Stay tuned. Forward with The Gambia, backwards never. Down with Yahya Jammeh.”



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