By Town Crier

Dear Pa and all Gambians,
This is an insider’s side of the story. I am compelled regardless of my oath to defend the nation as well keep state secrets.I  cannot help but tell Gambians the naked truth without compromising sensitive state security matters. Our president Yahya Jammeh and my Commander in Chief is hell bent on knocking our heads against a neighbor with whom we have lived peacefully since time immemorial.

For the short period that this boy has been in power (12 yrs) he has created more enemies and dissidents than Jawara has done in 30 years. He has brought us untold sufferings we have never experienced in our history as a nation. If you create dissidents, are you not creating a problem for yourself and the country you rule? Why do you cry wolf when you have a stolen goat behind your back? Drop the goat and the wolfs will stop coming after you. If you kill torture and maim people, do you think all people will go down in silence? Yahya no!!! Some will remain and run away and regroup to fight back to stop your senselessness.Yahya does not have our nation at heart. We here in the security service are so divided that you won’t know who is friend or foe. He has committed so many mistakes so much so that he does not know how to rectify nor will he admit to them.

And in order to detract us from our home problems, he comes out with falsified/unfounded stories to help him stay longer in power.His dirty paper Daily Observer is running by his side like an English dog training for a race. Dissidents in Senegal should not be repartriated to Gambia to be butchered by a spineless killer like boy Jammeh. As long as they are not engaged in any illegal activities in the countries they are living, international law protects them. So long as they live by the rules and regulation of Senegal and other countries why should a mature politician like Wade repatriate them knowing fully well that as soon as they set foot in Gambia they will become history.

All I can tell Gambians is that we the security forces have been briefed about an unsubstantiated impending attack against Gambia and have been tasked to prepare all necessary measures to ward off any such attempt. What most of my colleagues here fail to understand is that there is no such truth that Senegal wants to destablize Gambia. These are all the gimmicks of schemer Jumukureh Jammeh and his cohorts.

Of course, it is no hidden secret that Senegal would love that we become one country in order to end the Casamance conflict. But for anyone to say that they are bent in using dissidents to achieve this is far from the truth. Those who talk of war, war, are those that have never seen live combat. It is not a movie. I have long been in this security business and has seen Gambian blood spilled in the early 90s when my commrade Bojang of Kombo Sanyang village was killed in combat in Liberia. I do not want to elaborate much on this as my identity may be compromised as there are a few of us left in active service.

Gambia is a soveriegn country and and has a colonial master to protect it anytime the need arises. So for anyone to think that Senegal can just march into Gambian and annexe us using dissidents is a lie we Gambians cannot take. Britian is quiet for now but they are definitely watching developments in Gambia from the sidelines.

Oga Jammeh is full of plain bluff. I have friends in the Senegales security services and have been fortunate to have spent time in some camps with them in Senegal. I have been in one camp at a time they were on full alert and have seen how professional these soldiers are. They are no match to what obtains here in our barracks. These are highly educated men. They are men who have been on many peace enforcement and/or keeping missions. As a former student of the Senelase Gendarmerie, Yahya is suppose to know how professional these men are.

Every Senegalese Police, Custom, and Gendarmerie officer is an Ex-military man. You cannot therefore compare the man count of soldiers to those of ours thoughtless firepower. Going to Brikama range and shooting at human mannequins and lifeless still targets is way different when bullets are aimed at you and you are also in the field of combat. We have a young army. We have people who join the army just to make a living. These will flew when put in the line of hot battle.  I will have to stop here until another time. May God help us as a nation and free us from evil men before they destroy us along with them. Wasalam


Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, June 30, 2007)
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