Futurama has quickly become my favorite animated film series. I was hooked on Bender’s Big Score and now with Bender’s Game I am a fan for good. Matt Groening has created a conglomerate of crazy characters rich with wit, sarcasm and a splash of crude. I was unfamiliar with the Comedy Central sitcom until the first films release. I thought it golden and although Bender’s Game is not quite on par with its predecessor, it is still full of laughs and quirks.

This is adult geared animation that pushes the envelope without crossing the line in to sophomoric foulness. Well, sometimes. Possibly it makes me sophomoric but I often get so caught up in the zaniness that I forget these are not real futuristic characters. I like them so much I want them to be real. Sad but true. Leela (Katey Sagal – V) is my favorite character and this one has her feistier than ever.

In the new installment, Bender is trying to get in touch with his imagination, or in this case lack of. He goes off the deep end in a game of D and D and winds up fighting for his own sanity. All the while professor Farnsworth is trying to get revenge against a corrupt fuel company who is robbing everyone blind. (Sound familiar?) It is a nice poke at our current fuel situation in true Futurama fashion. Add to this a shock collar wearing Leela and you have a decent recipe for laughs.

What I appreciate most about this film is the writing. The wit is fast and smart and not dumbed down. Sometimes they say the obvious but the timing and delivery make it unique. I admire great sarcasm and Futurama is hard to beat.

The DVD is full of extra features that are sure to keep you amused and informed. Commentaries, outtakes, and interactive games. Though not rated it is certainly for your late teens and up. The language though mild can be suggestive and the humor very sexual at times. But again, it is more on the funny side than the perverse. It’s Bender’s Game, now on DVD.

Matt Mungle ( (11/04/08)

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