There is no doubt about it, the art of scamming gets more complex every day. A case in point is FastLoan4Me. As best I can figure out, they are a payday loan company, but don’t actually need to make loans to make money.

You can read my first article here. Calling their primary number 775-200-1525 is a futile exercise, all that happens is that you get a recording that hangs up on you. If you want to try it:


I went into investigative mode. All roads led to Nevada and a company called SILVER SHIELD SERVICES INC. I was hot on the trail! I even thought I had the name of the scammer. I was wrong, unless I just got scammed myself.

As I have no wish to get caught up in being accused of illegal recording of phone calls, I made it abundantly clear that I was a radio broadcaster, and we were live on air. You can listen the program.

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While I have not got to the bottom of the various scams being operated by an as yet unidentified individual, we are getting closer.

As you can hear in the program, there is an effort by Silver Shield to help. I will be sending them the information I have, and hopefully we can find the person responsible for fraud.

Simon Barrett

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