At some point most people have eaten a pack of Ramen Noodles. Few people put them on their top 10 list of gastronomic delights. They are however handy to have around in case of emergency, they are compact and have a shelf life longer than a Twinkie, better still they are ready to eat in about 3 minutes. Add boiling water, let it sit for a minute, and yum down.

I needed a snack, my favorite bread was frozen solid, the real butter was so hard that you could have used it to hammer nails, and my wife had hid the cheese in the back of the fridge.

My solution was to explore the mysterious cabinet that my wife puts canned and dry stuff in.

There was a veritable cornucopia of things. I did not realize that Ramen Noodles came in Chicken, beef, or shrimp flavor. I guess the key is the little flavoring pack included.

I was a little leery of a Ramen adventure, you eat it once, and spend happy hours reliving it.


Also in the cabinet I found a can of tomato soup.


In the freezer I found a pack of frozen peas, I like peas, but of course I stand alone in the family on this.

So, I went to work.

I opened the can of tomato soup and put it in a small pot. I freed the ramen noodles from the package. Possibly this was a mistake, it might have been a wiser decision to whack the pack with the hammer that that came into play later with the peas. You live and learn.

My solution was to break up the block of Ramen with my bare hands. The target was the small pot with the tomato soup. It did not take me long to realize that Ramen Noodles are ‘pre stressed’ and the last place they want to go is in the pan. They explode! Noodle bits were all over the kitchen counter.

The noodles and tomato soup looked fine, but it was missing some color. I found some frozen peas. Alas they were indeed frozen. Frozen into a block of ice. It did indeed take a hammer to free them from their frozen water captors.

The bottom line, it was fine. If I do this again, I would include garlic.

My wife just ventured in to the kitchen ‘Simon what have you done in here’?

My guess is that she is bare foot and has encountered some of the exploding Ramen Noodle fragments that hit the floor.

I will try and smooth it over.

Jan, the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house, you should always wear steel toed boots and a hard hat. IER’s (Improvised Explosive Ramens) are a global threat.

I have a suspicion that I am in for trouble….

Simon Barrett

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