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Many current and former Shell employees would probably have loved to have been present when Sir Philip Watts, publicly described as a “crook”, was interrogated by the UK Financial Services Authority in June 2004 soon after he was forced to resign in disgrace following the Shell reserves securities fraud. Sir Philip did negotiate a nice sum of hush money, reportedly $18.5 million in the form of a severance/pension pot package.

At long last all interested parties now have, for the first time, the opportunity to read a full transcript of his interrogation. It is published on what the Financial Times has described as an “anti-Shell” website:

Transcript of Financial Services Authority Interview with Sir Philip Watts: 24 June 2004

EXTRACT: Samantha Griffin for the FSA to Sir Philip:

“You are not under arrest and are free to leave any time. The interview is being conducted under caution. That is to say you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in Court. Anything you say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?”

Link for searchable Transcript of Financial Services Authority Interview with Sir Philip Watts: 24 June 2004: 75 pages – every page marked “CONFIDENTIAL”

(Adobe Reader is needed to read this pdf file. Please be patience as there are 75 pages. To download a FREE Adobe Reader click on the adobe link:

Confidential Royal Dutch Shell documents are published on the non-commercial website every day.

Sizzling revelations in the pipeline

Minutes of meetings of the Committee of Managing Directors of the Royal Dutch Shell Group (the “CMD”) are being published over the next few days, including a meeting held just before the announcement to a stunned world of the reserves scandal. Other highly sensitive matters, including Shell’s condescending attitude towards the Russian energy giant Gazprom, are covered in the minutes. For examples, the CMD when discussing a proposed joint project with Gazprom…

“expressed considerable concern over a number of aspects… including… the ability of Gazprom to deliver on its promises.”

This was before Shell’s humiliation when Gazprom took over control of the Sakhalin-2 project leaving Shell as a junior partner. Every page of the minutes are marked “Most Confidential”. is the exact dotcom domain name for the quarter trillion dollar company: Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Shell failed in its attempt in proceedings via the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2005 to seize the domain name. The loss of the domain name has resulted in some amusing confusion and yet more humiliation for Shell.

A tall tale

One manifestation of the confusion is a bizarre relationship with Shell in which the Donovan’s forward on job applications and business proposals meant for Shell.  Michiel Brandjes, the Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc has recently given written authority for the website owners, 90 year Alfred Donovan and his 60 year old son John (the authors of this article), recently described as “Online Revolutionaries” by The Sunday Telegraph, to vet incoming email meant for Shell. This was after the site received an email offering for sale a new 50 story skyscraper in Bahrain. 

The email received from Michiel Brandjes: Thu 08/11/2007 12:14


Dear Mr.Donovan,

Thank you for forwarding this message. Please feel free not to bother forwarding obvious “spam” like the email about real estate in Bahrain. In case of doubt we would prefer to receive the email though in order that appropriate attention can be given to it. Thank you.

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