There was a comment left on the forum section of Blogger News about the classic Sci-Fi psychological drams from the late 60’s, The Prisoner. This was a show that quickly made it to cult status, there are people that watch the recordings of this show with the fervor of a rabid dog. I met two such fans in the late 90’s, they invited me over to their house for a BBQ and a Prisoner marathon.

I am not sure how many hours we watched Number 6. but it was way more than Number 6 in hours!

There are few series in the history of TV that have had more written about them than The Prisoner. As I reported last year AMC are reinventing the series, and it is due to premier in November.  The details that are coming out indicate that this remake is going to be very different from the original. Set in Namibia and South Africa rather than the very lovely Portmeirion,  North Wales.

In support of the new mini series AMC has created a web site, and they have also made available the entire original series available on the Internet. So, all you prisoner fans you can now get your Prisoner fix from the comfort of you home computer. To put it in the words of Patrick McGoohan, the original 6 “Be seeing you.”

Simon Barrett

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