You’ll remember that a short while ago I wrote of a successful first date at Denny’s.  The crowd was sparse on a Wednesday night and the restaurant was clean and well maintained. The food was representative and the service was perfect.  But the best part was that my dinner companion was Mel, an attractive lady to say the least.  The date went well and slightly into overtime.  To update you briefly on the following period, successive meetings and dates and contacts went well and Mel is now Mrs. Burns.
Mel and I celebrated our two week anniversary last Friday night at Thai On The Fly in Old Town Scottsdale.  This establishment has charm as it is housed in the romantic setting of downtown Scottsdale.  The heavy tile mansard architecture and lighted art gallery storefronts of the area may not duplicate Bangkok, but Thai and other ethnic foods certainly are welcomed by tourists and locals.  Head-in curbside parking is abundant at the 7 P.M. hour in August and free.  After dinner strolls along a six block gallery area are charming and warm up the hearts of couples on date night.  Hand in Hand and arm in arm is the norm here.
Thai On The Fly’s entry is attractive with a few mood pieces highlighting the theme.  The lighting is subdued and the hostess was attentive to our requests.  The table we took put Mel against the wall so that all could see and be uplifted by her smile.  I in turn was able to pay attention to Mel without eye wander from my back to the room chair.  Our waiter, Zack Burnett, was there from dawn to dusk for the occasion in perfect style.  Waters and lemon slices came soon after we indicated we were going to stay there without selecting from the drink menu or wine list for the evening.  The menu was broad with appetizers to open from Fried Tofu and Spring Rolls to Thai Toast and Siamese Kisses, some twelve choices in all.  A wide selection of lettuce wraps and rolls, soups and salads were presented too.  Entrees ranged from House Favorites to Poultry, Seafood, Vegetarian items and Beef and Pork, thirty seven in all.
Mel and I chose Pad Thai Noodles and Malee’s Favorite Stir Fry.  The Noodles came mild as ordered with chicken and shrimp.  Since we shared, both of us applauded the order.  The Stir Fry presented carrot, snow peas, chicken and shrimp in the same mild manner, another hit.  The tastes were unique to the establishment, but not far off enough from the usual to upset the Thai traditionalist.
On this evening, we elected to call it an evening without tasting the dessert menu.  There was plenty left in the take home container.  Zack handled the bill matters quickly, we said our goodbyes and went on to the rest of our evening.  We elected not to stroll, but the drive south along Scottsdale Road was nice and the evening was warm with a full moon.  Once again, Scottsdale proved the perfect place to dine with the perfect lady.        

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