These Islamic terrorist types in Germany are getting trickier all the time. Now they are even giving themselves real German names to better evade German security experts who end up catching them anyway, of course. But still.

Hey, wait a minute. Two of these three guys have real German names and are “real” Germans themselves. Huh? That can’t be. After having scouted out US bases, discos, pubs and Frankfurt’s international airport as potential targets, and having begun the construction of what would have been 1,500lbs worth of hydrogen peroxide-based bomb(s), those awful and reprehensible German police state police types who are continually stomping on everybody’s rights over here predictably stomped on theirs and busted them big time (let’s just face it world, Germans make good cops – also when they are bad, unfortunately).

But like I said, huh? Did I miss something again? I thought Germans and Americans were making such great progress in “forging a new Atlantic alliance” and getting all pro-American with each other again and all that. Weren’t Fritz G. and Martin S. included in the process? Maybe they were left out because of the letters missing from their last names. Hmmm. Hard to say for sure. But I’m sure we’ll find out why once they they get released from custody in a few weeks and go back to Pakistan for more training (practice makes perfect).

In the end though, it doesn’t really matter what these guys call themselves. They can call themselves Moe, Larry and Curly, for all I care, just as long as they get busted before the bombs go off.

And who knows? Maybe we are experiencing a renaissance of the good old days when German RAF terrorists and their Arab friends made a big noise throughout Europe and a few other cool and exotic places. I wouldn’t mind another Mogadishu again (more damned German cops in action).

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