A number of young women in France have taken up prostitution to fund their studies, according to a shocking report by the country’s leading students union, SUD-Etudiant Union. This students union estimates that nearly 40,000 students in France, fund their studies through sex jobs like freelancing for escort agencies, webcam striptease, hostess work and pavement prostitution. A survey carried out by the members of this union at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, found that 1.8% of the students surveyed, had worked in the sex industry at some point of time. The union blames the falling subsidies and rising consumerism, for the emergence of the recent ‘sex trends’ among the students.

Guillaume Houzel, the president of the Observatoire de la Vie Etudiante (OVE), which charts students’ living conditions and income, has admitted that more and more French students are turning to prostitution. He said that many students are having trouble to meet their ends, because of increasing property prices with the grants remaining the same.” A major study carried out in 2000, in the under-25 population, found that 100,000 French students were living below the poverty threshold and 51 per cent had jobs in term time. French police are doubtful on the figures given by SUD-Etudiant, as they believe that those who call themselves as students in the sex trade in France, are actually not students, but prostitutes who are pretending to be French students. 

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