Okay, it may have only been a little bity building by this guy’s standards, but French Spiderman Alain Robert scaled the 336-foot Debis Tower (see the film) on Potsdamer Platz yesterday – without any safety gear again. And no, it’s not that this guy can’t find his safety gear, he doesn’t use the stuff. And no, nobody is forcing him to climb these buildings at gunpoint, either.

But the really strange thing here, I find, is 1) that this Spiderman is French and 2) that this spectacular stunt took place just hours after French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s spectacular Blitzbesuch visit to Berlin. And now I have this gut feeling that I may have just stumbled on to something really insignificant here.

First of all, if you look really closely, hold your breath for at least ninety seconds and squint your eyes really hard, the two of them look almost identical. And after doing a little online research, I have discovered that Sarkozy was on a short official visit to New York when Robert scaled the Empire State Building. Not only that, Sarkozy and his wife Cecilia where vacationing near Kuala Lumpur when Robert climbed the Petronas Towers, too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t yet determine where Sarkozy was when Robert climbed the Eiffel Tower, but I’m still working on it.

Like what the hell is going on here France? I mean, that Sarkozy is the new PGV (Président à grande vitesse) is one thing, but does he have to be a friggin’ superhero, too? I find that to be a bit in poor taste.

He’s able to leap, I mean climb, tall buildings in 35 minutes!

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