French president’s office released a statement today saying  one among five hostages was killed during a rescue operation by the French Army aboard the hijacked yacht ‘Tanit’ held by the Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. 
The statement further says that other four crew aboard the yacht have been freed by the army operation.  
Two of the pirates were killed during the operation and three were captured, the French president’s office said.
The yacht was hijacked a week ago along with two French couples and a child. The identity of the killed hostage is not yet released by the French authorities although a spokesman confirmed that the child is unharmed.

The  rescue operation comes as a US Captain made an attempt to flee his Somali captors from another hijacking instance. Captain Richard Phillips of ‘Maersk Alabama’ was recaptured by pirates after he managed to jump overboard from a lifeboat on which he was being held by the Somali pirates, according to media reports.
US naval ships are in the vicinity of the pirates monitoring the hostage situation.

A spokesman at the French foreign ministry said the French couple were “repeatedly warned” about the risks of pirate attacks in that area and  not to travel through the area.
“It is difficult to understand why these warnings were not heeded,” the spokesman said.

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