David Schussler

Here we are a nation of escapists, having displaced the indigenous, having fucked up the old world as we (whether we knew it or not) looked for a new world to destroy. While escaping the harsh realities of personal responsibility for the lives we no longer wanted, we dragged a battery of philosophers and mind numbed pleasure seekers to lead us in a quest for freedom. Sure, we escaped oppression and…better yet, sought and found a refuge where we could establish our own rules and community structure…free from religious and ethnic discrimination…Blah blah blabbity blah…

My guess is that no two people had exactly the same reason for leaving their homeland and settling in America and this was well known by the framers of our constitution. That is why there are so many opportunities written into our constitution to prevent a central government that thwarts the freedom of its people. This process requires the input of the many to make decisions that the most will be happy with. Is everybody happy? Maybe not but we have the freedom and opportunity to strive for it.

Right now in our world there are other people striving and fighting on other continents for the opportunity to be free, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, and Venezuela, to name a few.

When we became liberated and vested in this lifestyle we understood and were willing to support and protect people in other parts of the world who wanted to either remain free or to seek the freedom from oppression just as we did when we immigrated here and when we fought the Revolutionary War.

In the 1930s and 1940s a new surge of immigration refreshed our spirit of helping others while embracing the values of our strong and powerful nation. Well, there are no more continents available to escape to for the oppressed and there seems to be not enough room here at the Inn. We must help rid the world of those greedy despots who are attempting to usurp liberty and claim the power and wealth of their people…our people.

The people of those nations can not and are not escaping the harsh realities of their situations…they are standing and fighting as they are able to bring about change for the better in their own countries. Shouldn’t we support that? Have we forgotten the struggles we had and do we not recognize the struggles of others? Are we too immersed in corrupt politics and a socialistic agenda to take a stand to support those who are fighting for the same freedoms that we enjoy every day.

We looked away in Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Libya, Egypt, How about taking a stand for the Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela? No boots on the ground…just support…We don’t need a family role model toastmaster for a president. We need a leader with common sense and huevos. C’mon take a stand Mr. President, we’ll be with you. Support those freedom fighter brothers and sisters now.

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