Why tolerance of free speech is only demanded from Muslims?This is in response news reports “17 newspapers reprint cartoon of Prophet”

Where were these knights of free speeches when Professor Irving was jailed on the account of “refusal of Holocaust”.? I don’t know of any western newspaper that dared to protest against Irving’s arrest. There is a hidden a fear of being labeled “anti Semitic” in the western media, political circle and campus.

The Danish court does not yet convict the guys who are arrested in Denmark. Why should the Danish media be intolerant? It is nothing but adding more fuel to the fire.

Last year when a shop in Navi Mumbai was named after Hitler the whole Jewish world protested. Finally when the shop was renamed, instead of protesting for freedom of naming a business the world media celebrated the Jewish victory.

Nobody wants a healthy discussion on Holocaust

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi’s observation in Washington Post’s Religious blog on Jews being the biggest players in a ” culture of violence” made him a victim of Pro Israeli’s lobby. No section of media dared to reprint the article.

Norman Frankenstein’s arguments against Jews cost him a denial for tenure in De Paul University. It just went away as passing news.

Jimmy Carter too is labeled as Jew hater because he took side of Palestinians iin his book.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt authors of “the Israel Lobby and Us policy” himself comments that ” You cannot make these arguments in US without incurring the wrath of Israel lobby”

Targets for firing the cannon of free speech is chosen on the basis of benefits in TRPs and politics and in many cases the weakness of the target, in this case Muslims.

When your stand is based upon your partial choice it is a hypocritical stand, rightly termed as freedom of foul speech.

Nisaar Yusuf is a renowned speaker on socio-religious issues in Mumbai India. He has been invited to speak at various Seminars by Institutions and Universities in India. He can be contacted at : nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com

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