The Freedom of Choice Act which threatens the Catholic Pro-Life Movement strikingly invokes the American cause of freedom towards government sanctioned infanticide. What a peculiar contradiction that’s presented…freedom of choice for the pregnant mother, but no freedom of choice for the in utero developing child. This is clearly not a proposition that encourages either life, nor freedom nor even choice. American Catholics need to especially make note of the doublespeak that surrounds the new administration that carelessly abandons principles which foster the sanctity of all human life and suggests there is any type of moral and ethical freedom in choices that embrace government sanctioned homicide.
The right to life begins at the moment of conception and it is the responsibility of our American republic to provide protection and sanction for ALL human life, including the life that is confined to the nurturing environment of a mother’s womb. Unusually, there is popular support for this legislation which effectively permits all existing checks and balances on the process of terminating the life of an unborn child. America Catholics should be rightly be inflamed at this legislation that continues to demean the integrity and dignity of the greatest gift ever given, the right to life and its fulfillment.
What unfortunately surrounds this growing culture of choice is the sad fact that self professed Catholics subscribe to this erroneous moral conclusion and proudly proclaim their “choice” as an alternative to Catholic moral, social and ethical teachings. The Obama administration seems to present a rallying point for Catholic dissidents to join a movement that promotes an American culture that is antithetical to qualitative human life and happiness. What furthermore infuriates the situation is the lack of loud protest and admonition against these popular beliefs on the part of the American Catholic hierarchy.
The silence screams the message, “Moral injustice & legalized murder!” It is time for all American Catholics to start bombarding their congressional representatives with Catholic protests against the foolishly termed, Freedom of Choice Act! In the same manner, it is time to shake up the sacerdotal purple in each and every Catholic institution in the United States. Silence on the part of the American Catholic hierarchy lends even more credence to the belief…that silence gives consent!
The fundamental principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness encapsulate the American ideals of a living and fully functional society with the preservation and proclamation of human life as the focus of our united common good. Our principles of American government are established on the precepts that include the choice to live without restrictions on our natural human lives. It is of particular note that the terms, Life and Liberty were foremost in the thoughts of the Founding Fathers, not choice and death.
The struggle incumbent on all American Catholics is living our properly informed Catholic faith in a society that is secularized and divorced from an appreciation of the sacred life that God extends to all human beings. The simple fact that there are some American Catholics that believe our Catholicism is a selection of multiple choice beliefs and observations makes us more like a fast food religion, than one of the oldest monotheistic institutions in history. So called American-Catholic politicians use the secular arena to incorrectly provide a platform for their own interpretation of Catholic morality and theology. As previously stated the Obama administration is filled with Catholics that erroneously use their faith and sacraments as a spiritual seal of approval on their misguided legislative and political agendas. The guiding principles for Catholic politicians should not be the popularity of the legislative content that is placed into the secular deposit of legislative laws and congressional bills. What should be the most important issue for Catholic politicians is the legislation conforms to all of the moral and ethical norms of their Catholic faith as well as the implementation of moral and ethical principles that protect and foster all human life.
The Freedom of Choice Act should be considered by Catholics and all peoples that seek to pursue a qualitative human life no less heinous than the Nuremburg laws of 20th century Germany or the proclamations against the Christians in Diocletian’s Rome. If indeed we sanction the disregard for human life through legislation such as the Freedom of Choice Act, it logically follows that such immoral actions afforded to life in the gestational stages will subsequently be applied to all dimensions of life from conception to the geriatric stage, that will be prematurely be interrupted by the infamous freedom of immoral choice.

Hugh J.McNichol is a freelance Catholic author that writes on uniquely Catholic topics and issues. He attended Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, where he studied both philosophy and theology. He writes frequently at & . Hugh writes about his Irish Catholic upbringing and educational experiences at . He has contributed works to Catholic News Agency, Catholic Online, The Irish Catholic, Dublin, the British Broadcasting Company, London and the Philadelphia Bulletin, and Blogger News Network.

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