PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Ghanaians were killed by Gambia Gov Agents-Final Verdict Released 53 versus 44 ‘Bulfaaleh’ Investigates!(PART ONE)

PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Ghanaians were killed by Gambia Gov Agents-Final Verdict Released 53 versus 44 ‘Bulfaaleh’ Investigates!(PART ONE)
Introductory remarks-The Ghanaians were killed by state house CHIAKAS,CID FAAL and others…

Before starting the marathon revelations on this special feature I ‘Bulfaaleh’ wants to seek for the indulgence of every Gambian,Ghanaian and all bodies fighting against genocide or crimes against humanity to brace up for a special release on this serious crime. A crime committed against poor souls who left their hamlets,towns,villages and country behind, searching for greener pastures. These poor souls were intercepted and killed by a paranoid Gambian President who was dreaming of ghosts,mercnaries and attackers who are non existent except in the mind of President Jammeh of The Gambia. ‘Bulfaaleh’ has always warned President Jammeh to stay away from braking the rules of nature only to satisfy his taste for power and greed. In this special piece the Ghanaian branch of the Interpol is cordially Invited to take the names,events and places in this Investigative revelations very seriously. Nothing in this piece is corroborated with juicy journalism,everything is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The characters in this special story are real and living witnesses. Witnesses who can be reached or located in The Gambia,Senegal or other parts of the world.Investigations from foreign impartial agents should continue following President Jammeh into his state house, where he ordered for all those poor innocent Ghanaians to be butchered on the eve of July 22d celebrations in 2005. This will be one of those wicked,evil and senseless results that will hang President Jammeh when he will then be visited by flying vultures of revenge. If this crime does not bring Jammeh’s name in the gutters of Ghana then Ghana government has to be questioned seperately. No government should leave such a crime against humanity unsolved.

Where everything started,Sanna Sabally causes nightmares and paranoia for President Jammeh-NIA agent at GAMSTAR Kausu Jarju a central figure.

At Gamstar Insurance agency in Banjul city the capital of The Gambia is a man called Kausu Jarju a tall robust fellow with short mustaches. Mr Jarju is an agent of The Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency. One of Mr Jarju’s special missions started when former Vice Chairman of the defunct AFPRC-Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council was arrested on that faithful day of January 27th 1995 at 10AM within the Gambia’s state house premises. Him and our former colleague Late Sadibu Haidara were arrested after having been accused of wanting to stage a coup against President Jammeh then Chairman of the AFPRC. From the above mentioned date to now Jarju has always been attached to former VC Sanna Sabally posing as Sanna’s fan and sympathiser, which he is really not. Mr Jarju used to visit Sanna at his mile two prisons cell during the man’s nine year sentence. Infact the state used to sponsor Mr Jarju with special funds only for him to be handling some of the social needs of the man’s family. This was meant to show Sanna that he was not hated therefore could bring Mr Jarju nearer and nearer to Sanna and his family members so as to be able to gather a lot more about the man. Anyone Interested in verifying these revelations can go ahead and ask Sanna’s wife Mrs Alabatu Sabally if she does not know Mr Jarju? If the state was so much Interested in forgetting and forgiving in favour of Sanna Sabally why was he kept at Mile Two then….while they were showing all that pity to him? That is so paradoxical.
Sanna Sabally according to ‘Bulfaaleh’s’ investigations and from general public knowledge is known as the son of Biji Sabally a former renowned driver from Kaasaa Kunda village Kombo North. A village situated just after the Gambia National Army’s Firing range in Brikama were soldiers take final exams on firing different rifles and machine guns before graduating. Infact to add more, the late Uncle Biji used to drive Abu Denton’s car at least on certain occasions. Uncle Biji is well known in that area.

NIA Kausu Jarju picked up Former Vice Chairman Sabally with a red car the day he was released.

The NIA agent at GAMSTAR Kausu Jarju picked up Sanna from the mile two main gate on the day Sabally was released,using a red car. He drove Sanna to a private residence at the Kotu layout after picking up from mile two. We all remember when Sanna over stayed his sentence at the mile two, the state wanted to extend his stay but Kausu could not establish something concrete to facilitate a fresh charge which would have helped maintain Sabally in jail. This made them release the man then continue using Jarju to implicate Sanna again during his days out of the central prisons. On that day when Sanna reached his residence at Kotu many people were so curious to see the famous former Vice Chairman. Just so Sanna knows I ‘Bulfaaleh’ have been trailing Kausu’s activities alongside,I can fully remember the people I saw at the crowd likewise the neighbours there. Two prominent figures lived around that place at the time,Ndey Taffa Sosseh and Adelaide Sosseh-Gaye.
I will also remind Sanna today that it is Bishop Michael Cleary who helped nourish his faith while serving his nine year sentence at mile two. Sanna is alive let him write and correct,support or dispute what is being said here. The Bishop used to buy books of faith including the Kuran for Sanna as a prisoner. Sanna used that whole time reading and writing.

NIA agent Kausu Jarju accompanied Sanna to Kaasaa Kunda still posing as a good friend.

The following day after Sanna Sabally’s release he was driven to Kaasaa Kunda to meet his family(close and extended) at the village where he was born. On that day Sabally was welcomed by a tumultous crowd chanting sorrowful and welcoming remarks around the village’s son. The car Kausu was driving was nearly lifted by the welcoming crowd. This was a repeat version of what happened at Kotu layout there also the man was received by a large crowd some where sympathisers others were simply curious souls. I care less about saying anything in support of Sanna am simply revealing what transpired period.

NIA Kausu Jarju’s first secret release against Sanna Sabally when he left Mile Two only a day after!

These large crowds prompted Mr Jarju the NIA agent at GAMSTAR to send his first Intelligence report against Sanna directly to the commander in chief through his bosses at the NIA.
He reported that Sanna was still commanding a large number of followers and sympathisers in the community(true or false) the crowds were seen as supporters of Sanna in the eyes of President Jammeh after having been convinced by the NIA or Kausu Jarju.
That secret report alerted President Jammeh’s CHIAKAS the killing squad to follow,monitor and eliminate Sabally as soon as the chance was available. Sabally started noticing funny movements around his residence at the Kotu Layout. He therefore used his security expertise to escape being killed by those CHIAKAS. The man chose to escape to Dakar.

NIA Kausu Jarju at GAMSTAR followed Sanna to Senegal still doing his job.
After Sanna left for Dakar the same Mr Jarju followed him there posing as the usual friend. He met Sanna and talked to him about family matters etc etc. Not knowing that Sanna too had been alerted by people who know Jarju. Sanna cannot know but I ‘Bulfaaleh’ is one of those he met before. He will know who I am one day maybe in the very near future.

NIA Jarju left Dakar with addresses and cordinates helping President Jammeh trace and kill Sanna leading to the killing of Innocent Ghanaians(see part two).

As soon as Mr Jarju the NIA at GAMSTAR left Dakar, two “fresh” NIA agents descended on the Senegalese capital to carry out a special mission. Their mission was to locate,kidnap,abduct or liquidate Sabally without leaving any trace behind. They were briefed and trained on how to carry out the mission. It was going to be synonymous to the famous Omar Dikko of Nigeria’s kidnapping story.
These agents received the exact address and cordinates of Sanna Sabally from Mr Jarju before leaving Banjul. Mr Jarju still continued showing Mrs Alabatu Sabally, Sanna’s wife a fine face.
The two agents reached Dakar but were identified by the hiding forces that were countering everything President Jammeh does. Sanna too was quick enough to notice the activities of these two strange faces around him. Sabally chose to confront them directly. These were his words to them based on what my Investigations could track…Sabally’s words to the NIA agents who came to kidnap him…”Leave me alone or you die”. I ‘Bulfaaleh’ do kindly ask Mr Sabally to shed more light on these revelations therefore support or dispute these facts. Sanna’s word really devastated these hiding agents. They automatically knew that their mission had failed for the 1st round. The next stage is how and when the Ghanaians fell victims of the Gambian President’s paranoia therefore killed for committing no crime what so ever! They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time within a country being run by a blood hungry dreamer. Ghana government will be pleased by the time ‘Bulfaaleh’ ends his Investigative releases, if they seriously want to redeem the souls of their dead sons.

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